Monthly Archives: March 2004

Timmy and I

______________________________________________________ So, timmy and i had some time to burn before the ballet performance started.  Sometimes, I think camera’s were created to do just this:  to take silly photos of silly people. And, oh yah, we had massive fun dancing last night.  Ballet is a wonderful art and dance form.  Maybe I should quit breakdancing and go ballet-style fulltime… …  nah!

Thanks to all that came out to see the two clumsy asians do ballet… and support Dance Tech.  Props to Babs and Jessica and Mellissa.  True.  True.  We dance for an audience of One:  Jesus!

Drugs are Bad

Drugs are bad.  You shouldn’t use them.  See?  I was part of D-FY-INCE.  Neener neener neener…

Anywho.  I had a interesting meditation today.  In fact, my answer is somewhat complete, not yet fully formed, but, I’d like some input.  Think about this one if you have some time on your hands… as I know many of you do…

Does ‘Pure Altruism’ exist? 
Why or why not?  Any examples?  Social psychologists have an answer, but…

Infinite Glory

________________________________________________________________________ God loves us.  and I love prodigal petey poo.  forever righteous men. eternal hope found in Father’s lasting embrace. onward we press toward infinite glory.