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Hurray for Coffee

Going to the proverbial waterhole at work is such a refreshing experience.
Coffee in the morning is so tasty.
I have a big blue mug too.
It holds a lot of liquid.
Hurray for coffee!


Anyone wanna buy a APPLE IMAC G5?
I’ve got one to sell.  I’ve realized that my new job, and
my future, will most likely not be revolving around
high intense multimedia/graphic web devel and video production..
hence, I no longer need such a spanking powerful computer…
and i need money to cover costs of… *ahem* future, pending,
(expensive) endeavors… such as *ahem* marriage…

I would give a very decent price to this baby… and it would
come with tons of extras…

Drop me a line.

Christ the Eternal Son

I’m a large fan of A. W. Tozer.  His words, which I have found to be never lacking
in biblical authority and support, have carried me into a deeper understanding
of God and His Word.  His writings and theology were always focused and characterized
by that of the early church, which today, I believe, is to be found in great want.

This is a reflection about “Spiritual Leadership of Anointed Men” that Tozer wrote
many years ago.

Spiritual Leadership of Anointed Men

Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out
for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with
joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you.
–Hebrews 13:17

You cannot deny that the life and vitality of the Christian church
lie in the spiritual leadership of men anointed of the Holy Ghost.
I dare to tell you that there is danger in too much democracy in the
life of the church.

I am sure that some of you with a strong Baptist background will
curl up like a burning leaf in the autumn to hear me say this, but
that is all right: I am half Baptist myself!

But I do not believe that God expects the Christian church to thrive
and mature and grow just on plain democratic principles. If you will
check around you will find that even those who hold to democracy in
their church policy never get beyond first base unless they have
leaders within the denomination who are anointed men, strongly
spiritual in leadership. 

Christ the Eternal Son, 100.

Why Are You Throwing Your Life Away?

“Why are your throwing your life away?!”

This poignant comment, which I get a lot of these days, especially in the office,
is made facetiously, and in jest, but it stings me because there is a tad bit of
truth to it.  My co-workers asked me this when I told them that I was getting
married soon.  Usually, in other circumstances and with different people, I
add a little laugh to my reply and respond accordingly, maybe with a
joke of how they’re just jealous because they are single.  But when asked the
same question recently from my fellow co-workers, I stumbled, if only but
for a second, and my response was something to the effect of a primordial
grunt, then a pause, and then a ‘huh…’  I went home that night and looked into
my shiny mirror in one of the bathrooms in my new apartment and gazed straight
into my own eyes and asked myself: “John, are you really throwing it all away?”

The guys at my office are complete nerds.  But, they have succesfully jumped
the boundary into married life.  If there was ever a doubt that geeks and nerds
are equivalent to ‘celibate gift’ just come to my office and meet these lucky few.
But, there’s a catch.  Many of them have met their significant others online, over
the internet, and through online-dating services.  The jokes about it are as old,
now, as ‘knock-knock’ jokes, but, there’s something disconcerting about it all, like
a shaky truth to it all, as they joke around about how they ‘met’ their wives.  One
says all the time to me: “Hey John, you met your wife in college?  That’s so old
skool.  I bought mine online!”  And everyone laughs and has a good time but as
the silence comes after the end of the coherent conversation there’s the burden
of sad truth to it all; a heavy cloud.  Yeah, she’s a commodity, just like my
Maxtor 10000RPM 1-Terabyte external hard-drive or my wireless-N cable
gateway modem.  That guy is getting married in October.  There’s another
guy who just got married 3 months ago to a woman in the Phillipines, like a
mail-order-bride, and she came over to the US, they got married, did what ever
they needed to do, and now she’s back there finishing up school and at night
they chat via digital webcam.  When he’s not doing that, he’s playing video games
into the early morn.  I often wonder if he thinks there’s anything more to this life
than that.

All this to say, these are the guys that are asking me the question of why I’m
throwing my life away.  These are married men.  Not the single people who
crack jokes at me.  These guys are in it, they have done it, multiple times,
and have real experiences to their own name.  To them, it seems, it’s both a
relief to be married, cause they get tax breaks and their jolly’s, and a prison. 
But, at least it’s a temporary prison, because uncontested divorce only costs
$300 dollars these days, maybe even less.

But, little do they know, for now at least, that what they say is absolutely 100%
true.  Because I AM THROWING MY LIFE AWAY.  And I not only want
to, but, I LOVE IT and I can’t wait to DO IT.  Because marriage, in the biblical
sense, is simply (but not so simply) death to oneself and being reborn as one with
another, with God as the centerpiece and Christ as the bedrock and foundation. 
The preparation for marriage has been all about this, and I still have yet to learn
the fulfillment of death to oneself.  It’s been hard, but, heck yeah, it’s been worth it. 
I’m still learning, still learning.

One of my goals is to witness to my fellow co-workers what marriage in the
biblical sense is, and the joy of being a bond-servant; slave, to my wife,
and as a result, exemplify my bond-servanthood to my Lord Christ Jesus.
As Paul says in Ephesians, he is an ambassador in chains.  Shoot, verse 19-20,
of chapter 6, is my battlecry for my office:

“Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so
that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an
ambassador in chains.  Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.”

So yeah, ‘cheers,’ and here’s to “throwing it all away” for the sake of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ!  And marriage to my beloved bride Sue.

Oh yah.

2 year Anniversary today.  Booya.