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No matter how much I can love Sue, she’ll
never be #1.  Sorry sweety, you’re only #2.
What’s great, is that I’m #2 in her book too.
Humbling huh.

13’s my favorite number.



The quicker one can accept that they are forgiven
infinitely by our Lord the qiucker one is able to
forgive others.  I can get upset really quickly, but
thanks to Christ, the turn-around rate is getting
faster.  Praise God!



Sometimes I go home and all I want to do is
crawl into bed.  I’m tired, feeling down and sick,
been beat by the world and then some, and
there’s too much on my mind.  My head meets
the pillow with a welcome *thud*.  Sleep comes
easy.  All this used to be the case.  Today, it
all happened except as soon as my next breath
came into the pillow, I desired something else
greater; and it was her.  She could make me
feel better than any pillow, and with a touch
could calm the storm in my mind and heart…
and she could go get the medicine in the far
cabinet that seemed like an ocean and desert
away…  But, the later isn’t as important as the
former.  Of course.  I have so much to look
forward too.  Sweet.



A good talk with a brother today helped remind me
of the importance of men in my own life.  Now, more
than ever, even in the light of forsaking all for one
woman, I still need the companionship, friendship,
and brotherhood of like-minded, spiritual men.  A
strange mix, indeed.

On a side note, conviction of the heart can do the
impossible.  We must believe that it is so, and it shall.



Woman was created so that man would not be alone.
We know this because the Lord our God said so Himself:
“It is not good for man to be alone.  I will make a helper
suitable for him.” (Gen 2:18)  This was done for many
reasons, and even beyond the spiritual, yes, OH yes,
the practical…  Men are not made for shopping alone.
(Well, some might be.)  I went to the new IKEA store
today by myself, which I would not advise.  I got lost
two times and even became so overwhelmed that I
lost my breath and my heart rate increased.  Too many
colors, too many options, it was complete sensory overload.
I have decided that it is a life-or-death thing; I should not
go on shopping excursions without my other.  It’s a
jungle out there.

I Choose Marriage


Marriage is one of those rare opportunities for men to
understand a part of God that they don’t have direct
access to.  It is my firm belief, which has been backed
by empiricism, that women experience God in a manner
different than that of men.  Intrinsically, women, we know,
are made differently.  But I have seen the heart of a woman
who knows the Lord.  And blessings more, I have come
to love that heart, a heart and soul which experiences
God, which loves and adores God, completely different
than I.  I am convinced that marriage is an institution
that was created for this reason, in addition to many others.
It is in this way that individuals can be what I would call
‘spiritually selfish.’  The desire to know God more thru
another individual.  One could say: “I want to marry so
that I can know a side of God that I have never completely
known nor understood.”  Of course, it is not impossible
to have satisfaction without a spouse.  Those called and
whom have the ‘special gift’ of celibacy… By all means,
blessings to you…

As for me, I choose marriage.

Not Being Single


I have come to realize that the comparison between
‘singleness’ and ‘not-being-single’ is impossible;  people
sometimes ask me if I’m going to miss being single or
if one is better, yada yada yada.  But, the two states of
being, that is, being with and being without, cannot really
be compared.  Singleness is great.  Being in a relationship
is great.  Those who are single now: That’s exactly where
you’re supposed to be, and it’s wonderful.  Enjoy it to
the fullest!  It is a great thing to be single.  To those that
are in a relationship, well, that’s exactly where you’re
supposed to be.  It is a wonderful thing as well.  There
aren’t pro’s and con’s to being single and not, because
that would assume that they are comparable.  But, they
aren’t.  Both are awesome.

Now here’s something interesting:  Ever wonder why
Jesus, a single man, preached and taught and spoke in terms
of a marriage relationship?  He used that institution as a metaphor
and allegory, even though he was single Himself?

PRETTY COOL HUH!  …  Wait!  What does that mean?

I dunno. … … …

20 Days Left

20 days left.

God’s been speaking to me in some dramatic and
awesome ways as the countdown continues.

I have decided that I will write down one thing
that day that the Lord has spoken to me.

Day #20:

Sometimes, the greatest ministry that a man may ever have
is his marriage.  The Lord has encouraged me to do it well.
I shall give it my all.