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The R.E.A.P.

I dove into my first attempt at using the R.E.A.P. method for personal spiritual devotions last night.  It was good.  Developed by Austin Stone Community Church, it stands for Read, Examine, Apply, and Pray.  Most simply, it’s a structured and practical approach to spending time with the Word of God.

I test drove it last night as I finished out Philippians 4.  Sue actually did it as well (but she followed the suggested reading… lame.  j/k).  Again, it was good.

I’ll be typing my notes onto this blog, and it’ll sit under the category reap if you’d like to peruse them.

A fresh Start

Everyone needs a fresh start at times.  I certainly do.  But the neat thing is that I’ve managed to actually do it.

I’ve signed up for nearly every social network thingy that I’ve ever come across since I entered the wide world of the internet back decades ago…  I’ve blogged in a countless number of mediums, using tons of different services, and have had multiple accounts using those services as well.

It was time to start over.  Really start over.

And the great thing was that it hasn’t been that difficult of a decision!  It’s been a bit cathartic, perhaps.  I’ve started a new Digg account, a new account, a new Pownce, Technorati, a new Blog with a new look for heaven’s sake.  Now, I’ve kept the old Facebook and LinkedIn… but of the rest, entirely new.

And I haven’t even started filling them in yet…

And what’s even more crazy is that I’ve also cleaned up house a bit as well in this process.  Social media fatigue… that’s what had gotten me.  Too many, too fast, too hard to keep up with them all.  Choose a few, I thought… and stick with ’em.

So, that’s what I’ve done.

Now, for some, I can imagine this would be entirely impossible.  It would be like throwing away old friends (and it sure did feel that way for a few of them)… but, it is what it is.  Sometimes you’ve gotta start fresh.  For the better.

So here’s to some new beginnings.

Speaking the language

Part of what makes social media campaigns so effective is when they can speak their audiences language the best and in the most fluid and simple fashion.  It seems pretty obvious, but, it doesn’t happen that way nearly enough.  And what really gets me is the amount of time, money, resources, and bullcrap that gets thrown around at the corporate level debating how to use the VOC (Voice of the Customer).

Now, since I live and receive a paycheck from the corporate monster, I have to play nice.  I understand the difficulty of moving a program and initiative through the gates of political turmoil, especially when the ship is loaded with large budgets with even larger egos navigating them.  Eh.  It is what it is.

That’s why when I saw this video it was a pleasant breath of fresh air.

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No Copying Foo!

I can remember in middle school and high school swapping install disks to the newest video game between classes. This was easy because there weren’t any anti-theft encoding or copying on the disks themselves, and typically the game could actually sit on one cd.

Although, this wasn’t the case all the time. I remember loading castle wolfenstein on my 368 on a large 5 inch floppy back in the day. Wow. That’s old skool.

But man, when I saw this video, I nearly scared my office with my laughter. The combination of rap, video games, and pirating is insanely funny.

Video after the break.

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hello world.

Indeed.  It’s been a long… long time.

I started blogging on a new site, with a new look, with a new approach to life.  Killed off all the old… and in comes the new.

It’s crazy starting over… Seriously.