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Are you a man? Pee standing up!

Because the Bible tells me so… in addition to this rather loony fundamental baptist-separated pastor.

Now, I haven’t had a good laugh in a while, especially since Dell is going through all the reorganization due to massive rebootage failure (pink slips to a few good men & women this past week), so this was rather refreshing; kind of.

Check it:

What’s even funnier is some of the comments:

I wish men would pisseth sitting down………..if you have ever used a public restroom you would know that these pissers have horrible aim and when I have to crap it takes a half a roll of toilet paer to cover the seat…………Pastor should I pee before I sit down to poop? I dont want to sin but every time I go to the bathroom one usually follows the other. Please pray for me I dont want to die on the toilet and go to hell because I pissethed while I poopethed and died of a herat attacheth.


Is he reading from 1st Speculations or 2nd Opinions?


I am a male. Sometimes in the morning and I’m still kinda tired I sit down for my morning pee because it’s safer, I don’t pee on the floor and stuff, is this a sin, should I stand to pee in the morning even if I’m really tired and I’m probably gonna end up peeing on the floor, or am I reading too much into this. Also, if I tell my wife to clean up my urine on the floor or seat is it here responsibility to be submissive and clean my piss?

Haha.  There’s far too many to list.

If you want some more food for thought (before you go rethink your tinkle-position) check out their website.

Some very gross biblical (and logical) contradictions and a little bit of context to help one understand where he’s coming from.

Steve, you da man.


I upped my friend count on Facebook today because I found this amazingly annoying-but-neat little feature on the right side of my screen:

By the time I had refreshed the “see all” button a number of times without finding anyone that I wanted to “add to friends” I had invited about 50-60 more people to my network.

I feel special.  But, I’m still not beating Sue.  She has more friends than me.  Sad.

Cool Box – New Glasses

Finally had my new glasses finished; got the call early morning and decided to pick them up before going back to work after lunch.  They’ve given me a pretty big migraine since the prescription changed a tad, but, I’m loving the new and fresh look.  Etnia Barcelona.  Word.

But what’s even cooler is the actual baggy and box that came with it.  Check it out:

Pretty neat.

It’s been a long time since I “upgraded” my look.  Sue’s very satisfied with her husband’s new look… which makes me even happier.

The Lord’s Prayer – CuteyPie Style

It seems that Roenne picks up new words nearly every day.  The coolest surprises (at least for now) is when she says something that I know I’ve never taught her.  Shock and awe baby…  But one of the neatest things is when she sings; the most random noises come out but it all seems to make sense.  I can’t explain it, but, I love it.

So when I was passed this link, it touched my heart.  Pretty much the cutest thing ever, besides my daughter.  That’s because that’s what my daughter’s going to be like in a year from now.

Pwned by LinkedIn – Not an April Fool’s Joke

Yup.  LinkedIn pwned me with an uber-facemelt.

Now, before I get started, I want to say that I’m a fan of LinkedIn.  And I have been for many years, as my registration date attests, even though there are a number of things that I would certainly improve and put on that product roadmap of theirs… nevertheless, I like you. So please O please gods of LinkedIn, don’t close down my account (especially since I can’t seem to do it myself anyways…)


Anywho, I was served hard by LinkedIn’s legal services regarding a website that I had launched literally 1 week ago and some change:

The website, in a very quick nutshell, served a very simple purpose: To connect likeminded gaming enthusiasts who had a profile on LinkedIn.

It all started because of a harmless Q/A to the rest of the LI community seeing if there was any interested peoples to start a group.  The response was overwhelming, and within 24 hours I had enough support backing me to motivate me to spend an entire night building a site to cater to the LI gamers needs.  It had multiple blog authoring, forums, a job board, and more.  My development wasn’t blind either; I got in contact with a few video game industry experts, like the executive director of IDGA, and spoke with a few Editorial gaming experts including the Editor in Chief of, to name a few.

What’s so funny is that all these email and phone conversations I had were all enabled by LinkedIn (I pay a premium $200/year for the ability to directly contact others thru “inmail”).  There’s a strange irony to all of this, but, I’ll leave that up to the readers.

So, the short of it is that I did my research, got some great advice from some industry leaders, spent far too much time developing it out, and then launched it.

Within the first couple days I had more members sign up than I knew what to do with, a couple of great guest posts, and the traffic spike was great.  Lots of personal emails and pings affirming me what I had already known, that we “needed something like this” and “LI doesn’t provide this type of interactivity, thanks!” and “wow, how do I get involved and help make this site world class” and on and on and on.  The future looked bright for LinkedIn video gamers every where!

That was until today.

I thought it was great April Fool’s joke, because it certainly put a pit in my stomach for a sec.  But, no.  It wasn’t a joke.  It was real.  Take a look at the full claim here:

Make of it what you will.  Some of it is rather amusing, but, the bottom line was that I had to respond.   Some quick discussions with legal counsel and a pretty thorough gut-check moved me to comply 101%.  The site’s only been up for barely more than a week.  I didn’t make a dime off of the site (I instead lost money for hosting costs, registration, etc) and advertising was free for members.

So, I hit the big delete button and packed it up.

It’s unfortunate, really, since I had already drafted up a great logo-design contest with the winner receiving *gasp* a $200 dollar gift certificate for a premium membership package to LinkedIn!  The site gathered too much attention too fast… and I suppose the LinkedIn legal department didn’t have enough to do.

So, is officially retired.  Dead, actually.  I’ve got a wife and a very cute daughter who I’d love to one day go to college… so, I need to save as much money as possible and not spend my hard earned green on crazy claims like these.

Thanks for all the support for those who gave a shoutout and remember… LinkedIn is all about being professional… none of this unprofessional business of providing services which enhance their member’s user-experience and build deeper brand loyalty without costing them a dime, ya hear?!?

Oh, and before I forget… don’t use their logo, they hate that.