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First QT Live!

I recorded my first QT @ QuietTime.TV today.  The first thing that is immediately apparent is that I am NOT a professional video guy… there appears to be an art to all of this…

But, I’m excited.  You can see the QT on the right side in the Video section.

The purpose of this particular website is to keep me in check in regards to my personal QT’s… and as a result, encourage others to dive deeply into the Word.  I, like many believers, struggle with just the simple practice of keeping up a daily engagement with the Word, especially since I study it in my studies (which is an entirely different conversation… whether or not theological study can be/is a personal devotional time…)

In any case, we’ll see how the site pans out.  To God be the Glory!

Railing on Ruby

Ruby on Rails is a fairly new dev environment.  In fact, I stayed away from it for a very long time just because it was fairly new.  But I’ve started messing with it more in the last few weeks or so and so far I’m impressed.  I mean, I’ve gotta be, right?  Twitter is built on it.

Oh wait, that’s a bad thing, right?  Because Twitter can’t scale.  Or, at least, that’s one point of view.

So I jumped on my first app with a little apprehension.  Thank goodness for Heroku, which you need to check out if you’re a rails person.  And if you are, you can probably appreciate it even more than me.

Anywho, I’m looking for some good Ruby resources and books.  Anyone got any?

Seesmic is Insane

I’m hooked.  Well, not completely.  But, very close.  My first pass at Seesmic was one of incredulity in regards to it’s stickiness or sustainability long term.  Even after I got my alpha-invite I stood by and casually watched others engage in conversation ranging from the absolute mundane to the extremely energy-charged conversations of religion and politics.  I didn’t “see” the attractiveness of it… until today.

Half-way through the day I booted up my new Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (with Carl Zeiss Optics!  …  I have no idea what that means btw…) and hopped on over to Seesmic to give it a whirl.

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WordPress Coming to Austin!

Wow.  WordPress is coming to Austin!  Austin is a hotbed of high tech and the general culture is pretty wordpressy (if that makes sense).  It would be wonderful to have a dedicated presence here!

In other news, I received my brand spankin’ new official WP Bistro Mug and it’s housing it’s first round of hot javaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I’m not sure if this makes me the complete WordPress fanatic, but it’s getting pretty close.  After personally using nearly every blogging platform under the sun, both opensource and enterprise, I’ve always gone back to the WP.

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id 10 t

My mother is an amazing woman: She has raised 5 children who have, under her tutelage, cultivated skills of exploration, creativity, and ingenuity.  We have, in return, assisted her in becoming a part of the digital age (and I’m not talking about deep entrenchment in social media technology or high tech… I’m talking about being able to upload photos via picasa and share them in an email).

A pretty good partnership and relationship I would say!

But, every once in a while, she shares something that sit’s deeply into my world and by doing so it proves that she gets it… and gets it to the point where it’s funny.  So here’s to my mom who shared this cute email with me last night:

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Church Community Online

The Word of God is both explicit and implicit in our calling as believers to be in relation to not only our God in Heaven through Jesus Christ, but also to one another.  This point is fairly obvious and I won’t spend much time having to defend this particular stance.  What I’m interested in is figuring out how to use online media and social technology to take it one step further.

Technology today has afforded us the amazing opportunity to communicate in ways that were only pipedreams a few years ago.  Social media and every possible iteration of this manifested architecture has proven its worth very quicky; people can easily connect with others via these fascinating technologies and mediums and build digital communities.

Why not use them for Kingdom building?  Why not use them for both inreach and outreach?

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