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iPoo’d – Great Onesie for Mac Parents

Every so often my wife finds something that merges the two distant worlds of my high-tech kingdom of computers and technology with the real life drama of being a parent… and makes me laugh.

Enter iPoo’d, the perfect onesie for any Mac-loving parent.

My wonderful daughter is a little too old to actually wear one of these (since the sizes only go up to 12 months), so she won’t be sportin’ the macintosh goodness, but that’s not a terrible loss.

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of T-Shirts and Mugs

A WordPress Mug here… and a Twitter TShirt there… online shopping is far too easy… makes my money go bye bye here… and there… and everywhere…


Sometimes I have to ask myself the hard questions… do these items have an amazingly positive ROI?


Whew.  Better now.

Future State of Communication

I was passed this link the other day and was blown away with the concept.  In fact, I was more excited about this non-existent product than I was when I first got my snazzy new iPhone.

Take a look:

A very nice and pleasing soundtrack to boot! If Nokia can come up with even half of what this is… that would be amazing.

Direct Link to the Site Here.

My Sister was Dumped on Facebook

Yeah.  That’s pretty darn lame.

I’m not too upset about it though.  My sister’s one tough cookie.  And the guy wasn’t marriage-material (obviously).  What’s shocking (and not so shocking) is that it was done via a Social Network tool.

I remember, many moons ago, how the most dastardly (I like this word: treacherously cowardly) and upsetting thing was to dump someone in a phone conversation.  It was the talk of the school if someone didn’t man-up and do it in person.  In fact, now that I think of it, I once did the massive dumpage via a letter back in middle school over a summer break.  An angry typhoon-like mob of adolescent girls screaming at the top of their lungs about how I had forever destroyed the heart of their BFF (how’d she have more than one BFF…?!) happily greeted me when I stepped back on campus that fall semester.

Oh well.

So I can understand the dude that dumped my sister on Facebook.  The tactics, methods, words, etc haven’t changed… just the medium.

I still thinks he’s pretty lame and is treacherously cowardly for doing it and having it posted on everyone’s Mini-Feed for the entire world to see, but I can’t necessarily fault him for using the most current technology.

But if I saw him I’d probably still sock him in the face just because it was my sister.

Here are some other interesting stories about relationships and FB:

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Big Things

A great sermon [sermon was taken down] by our Pastor Matt yesterday @ The Stone, one of conviction and truth.  The bottom line is that to God be the Glory for everything.  Nothing that we’ve done as a church, nor man’s power, wisdom, etc. could we ever claim as the source and the reason for the “success” of Austin Stone Community Church.  It has been God and only God that has blessed us, grown us, and used us for His Kingdom purposes.

Using Judges 7:1-8, Matt mentioned how God diminished Gideon’s army from 30 thousand to about 300, so that God could make room for His Glory and Power.

It is exactly the same thing that I now pray for my new job, and many (if not all) of the things that God has granted me.  May God do something so unbelievable, something so big, so astounding, that I could never take credit for it.  That when people see what I have done they attribute it to only God.

Let this ring true for all of us Lord!

Viewzi is Beautiful

If you haven’t seen this new search engine (or platform) then I’ll be happy to be the first to clue you in: You’re missing something very cool.

Via Godbit >> SonSpring >> Viewzi Corp >> I found the beta invite submission form and thought I’d give it a go.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t very sure of what I was signing up for (or if I’d even get a key) but within 24 hours I had a note in my inbox telling me that I was a lucky winner.  30 seconds later after a very simple signup process I was greeted by the search box.

I recently bought an iPhone, so I decided to throw that in there and see what happened.  I hit “enter” and then Viewzi began to work it’s magic.  Showing a number of different options, or “views” perhaps, I could dive into each bucket from a particular vantage.  For example, if i wanted only pictures of iPhones, I could go there, or videos (which was cool because some of them played a small portion of the video as a preview), or your typical google-search-esque page view, or shopping, or weather (which didn’t really apply to iPhone) or celebrity pictures (which was neat), and a number of other views (See full gallery below).

Bottom line was that it was fun.  Which is good, because that was a part of what they wanted it to be, besides being “richer” and “bolder”.  What really drew me in, and kept me there for a bit, was that it was so darn pretty to look at!  The design, information architecture, colors schematic, layout of all the views were very attractive.  Besides being very easy and functional, it was eye-candy to boot!  What an amazing plus considering what my #1 search-engine looks like (always, never changes, *yawn*)…

Everything wasn’t completely green on the other side though as a few things were apparently broken, like the browser plugin and how the picture area had both large and small versions show up at the same time.  It’s still in Beta so it didn’t upset me and I’m sure those will be ironed out as testing continues.  Also, the weather view for iPhone didn’t necessarily fit what I was looking for… but changing the search to “Austin, TX” did.  It would be cool if they could filter it even further where if anything but locations would grey out the weather view, etc.

Some other interesting things to note were the music view (which if it found a broken link, it would drop it off the playlist… very cool), the profile with customization (for certain “kinds” of searches and views…?  not sure about this function… maybe it wasn’t done completely), shopping and amazon (very cool aesthetic experiences with zoom in/zoom out) and easy filtering systems through tags or killing particular sources from which data was being pulled (ie filter out any results from flickr in picture view).

Overall, a very cool system and platform, one which I would highly consider moving to as the functionality and personalization/customization matures.  Google-killer?  Probably not.  But that’s not what it appears that they’re looking to do (maybe, who knows…?), but it could certainly “steal” some users as it grows in popularity.  I’m definitely a strong potential “switcher” if it stays the course of excellence… and I hope it does.

Some other reviews can be found here at Mashable and Marketing Pilgrim.

Digital Kingdom Building

As a Christ-follower, part of the reason that I exist is to share the amazing Gospel message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  In sharing, I’m being used by the Lord to further His Kingdom-purposes on this earth and to increase the Holy Body of the Church so as to Glorify Him.  I am nothing more than a vessel of His Word and a piece of clay to be formed as He wills.

One of my deepest desires has always been to serve Him fully through my technological talents and gifts that He has graciously bestowed upon me.  I have tried a number of times to do this on my own, either through small online businesses or bootstrap startups and websites.  I’ve had little success.  In fact, nothing tangible at all.

Until now.

The Lord has done an amazing thing and has granted me, by His Grace, an opportunity to directly impact His Kingdom through online technologies in a field that I really enjoy and that is leveraging nearly 100% of all online/tech-related talents and gifts that He’s give me.  I feel an enormously large amount of pressure, mostly due to self, and it weighs heavily that I will not impact it greatly enough.

But I’m super excited.

Lord it is my prayer that you’ll guide my work and that’ll it’ll reap eternal benefits to those that it touches.  Most importantly, I want to make You smile, and I want to Glorify You God in all that I do.  Bring me people that will partner with me, support and encourage me as I begin this new job and may I be a blessing Lord.  Thank You for offering me this wonderful chance to do great things for You.


Iron Man Kicked Butt

No question about it.  Iron Man was one of the most entertaining and well-done comic-2-film adaptations that I have seen.  The character of Tony Stark was played superbly by Downey Jr. who managed to wrap up much of the comic book’s development in the 120+ minutes or so. Action was paced, relationships were

established well, and plot was concise and cohesive.

A true entertainment piece and very very fun.  My wife enjoyed it as well (which is always a big plus)!

Although Iron Man ranks as a tier-2 comic book superhero, this movie was a tier-1 performance.  A definite buy when I get my PS3 for BlueRay technology.  w00t. Launches!

Today, I’m excited to announce that the beta version of [site no longer is up] has launched!  You can read more about the purpose and vision of this site here [site no longer up].

Currently, we’re building out the Forum section so that people can discuss as well as looking for more feeds, etc!  So send us any suggestions!

There’s a lot I’ve got planned for it, so stay tuned!