Monthly Archives: June 2008

Blogging as Ministry

Andy Coticchio, a new friend of mine via Facebook and DTS, recently asked me a very good question in regards to blogging and ministry:

“Is anyone really interested in what I have to say?”

It’s a natural and very important question to ask… but perhaps there’s an even more important question that one should consider before asking this one:

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Biblical Super Heroes

Reading this particular article made me laugh, for a number of reasons.  I mean, the commentary is absolutely hilarious!  Stuff like:

“Biblical scholars have bitterly debated whether or not Samson could have stood up to modern weaponry.”

“Between communicating with storms, walking on water and turning water into wine, the man (Jesus) pretty much had the whole water thing under his thumb. In some sense, we’d be like a non-useless Aquaman, if that is even possible.”

“These guys (Elisha & Elijah) were basically plugged into The Matrix here, and could do anything they wanted whether the laws of physics were cool with it or not.”

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Super Starbucks Coffee Hack

I learned the best Starbucks Coffee Hack today, saving me a whopping $.32 cents!  (This is big, considering the ridiculous rise of gas prices…)

I typically order a Tall Americano (which is 2 Espresso shots).  But, my wife recently “educated” me by letting me know that a Triple Tall Americano (3 shots) actually tastes better.  She was right.

So, I began ordering a Triple Tall Americano which costs me an additional $.50 cents or so…  BOO!

I had to do something…  but what?

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Dress Right Foo!

It appears that my employer’s parent company, Fox, wants their employees to “dress right”.

What’s curious to me is that it appears only a handful of selected employees got this little memo…  and, both my personal and business email address were pinged…

Have I been caught red-handed?  I’ll admit.  Sometimes I work in my underwear.

Powered by Dishy

It appears that my family’s alma maters are powered by batteries from “Dishy”…

Roenne helped me do the replacement.

What a sweety.

I wonder if they have a particularly strong deal with “Dishy” battery corporation/manufacturer, or if they even know what they are putting in there…!

On a side note, my daughter is deathly afraid of these two when they start dancing and singing their fight songs.  But after they are done, she goes back and pushes the button again.  There’s a psychology experiment here… I just know it.

Polaroid FTW.

Pretty much the coolest picture ever.

Polaroid picture taken by Esther Havens.

It was taken right after my baptism a few months back.  Representing DTS.  As serious as we’d like to think of ourselves… we’re really just two big hams.

Classic.  Thanks Esther!