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Heisman Winner says

Sometimes, during my daily crawlings of the wide world of the web, I find gems like these that lift my spirits.

I, probably like many of you, see a lot of what I would call “proof that humanity is going to h-e-double-hockeystick in a handbag.”

The world is a dark, dark place.  The online has helped us see this more and more each day.

And so, when I see a man who’s got the world as his feet (from a worldy perspective) and he makes a stand to show his value-system, I get pumped.


Christ, and living for Him, is so much of a better choice.

Ministry Branding is Great

Branding is good stuff.  Above is a screenshot of the individual video page @, which is getting so close to a BETA launch I can smell it like my walk to the local Starbucks.

As you can see, we’ve posted our small little logo and brand image on the player itself, which will be carried everywhere a user embeds the video, whether into their blog, personal website, facebook, etc.

And this is simple, effective, and easy way to expand your presence online.  Duh, right?

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Is Datecraft Killer?

So, is a “Killer”? Not so sure about that, especially since it’s not really a “startup”.  We’ve been around for about 10 months now.

But, I do think it’ll be successful.  So, it is “killer” from that perspective!

But, what’s so interesting is that they pulled this data from Mashable’s “sneak peek” review a couple days back and went ahead and posted it up on their site.  It’s pretty funny because the information didn’t come from me…!  I actually pinged KS 10 months ago when we first really came out and asked them to pull a review.

Never happened.

We had a few phone calls back and forth but their site was super slow and their backlog of reviews was monsterous.  I think we got lost in the shuffle, and that’s fine btw.

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A side project that I’ve been working on for nearly 8 months now has hit a major milestone today.  In a couple minutes we’ll be re-launching live, which originally was a social network and dating realm for World of Warcraft enthusiasts (link is the story covered by the very powerful Kotaku!).

There’s already been some coverage by Mashable as they got some leaked screenshots the other day.

Since then, the site has averaged more than 1,000 new registered members a month.  Pretty insane.

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QuietTime.TV – Styling Finished – Looking for Beta Testers!

We’re closing in on the launch date, which still has yet to be decided.  But, we’re about 99% done with the styling… we’ve gone with something like that of and… clean and simple.

Also, we are still looking for more BETA Testers and active Vloggers…!  We’d love to get 100 (that’s our prayer…) or so people to test the site and to upload content, etc…  Drop me a line if you’re interested!

Full screeny of the video page after the break:

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