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Calling All Christian Vloggers!

Or rather, I’d love to have your help!  If you love technology, love the Word of God, have a webcam or digital camera that can record video… I’d love to chat with you about a new site that’ll be coming out very soon…

I’m looking for people that wouldn’t mind recording a devotional of theirs or scriptural reading…

Ping me!

Twitter + Jesus … ?

Would anyone be interested in a Twitter-like service for Ministry Professionals…?  I just thought of this the other day and wondered if it would fit a need…


The Future of Video in the Christian Space

“Video” has been on my mind for a while now.

Maybe it’s because I got a brand-spanking new Logitech Webcam so I can have outrageously interesting conversations on Seesmic, or maybe it’s because my daughter is growing up so fast that the paternal instinct of capturing digital memories for future embarrassment (like her wedding perhaps) has kicked into full gear, or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the Holy Spirit’s been prodding me for the past month about it and has opened my eyes to a potential need in the general Christian community regarding online video technology on the web…

It’s probably a combination of the above three things and more.  But certainly there’s a need.  A few thoughts after the break.

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Passion + Church = ? Louie Speaks!

By now, the rumor mill (and gossip, perhaps?) is getting pretty crowded and I thought I’d spend a couple seconds detailing out a little more about what I know, what I don’t know, what’s been said by others (and the people that matter!), and finally my own personal feelings of the matter in the guise of an encouragement to us all.

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