Monthly Archives: August 2008

Naomi Yotsumoto – Ping Pong Style

This was pretty fascinating to see.  A Japanese Ping Pong Fashionista… a’la Anna Kournikova.

My first thought was that she’s being eccentric for the purpose of publicity and ego… but, after living in Japan for a number of years and the fact that the “Harajuku girl” isn’t just a song by Gwen Stefani… you can learn to dress like them wherever!

More info and a couple vids after the break.

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Faking It

Holy smokes.  News of Michael Guglielmucci’s massively fake terminal illness rocked me this morning.  Probably because I count myself as one of the many who got played.  My wife’s going to have a fit too when she wakes up from her nap.

But seriously.  I think I side with Ragamuffin’s thoughts about how God can “annoint any song with or without the messenger.”

Youtube video of “Healer” after the break.

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