Monthly Archives: September 2008

Creative Resumes for Your Inspiration

Had a brief conversation with a friend who’s looking to spruce up his resume.  I, for one, really enjoy the process of resume writing (call me lame).

A resume has to be seen as a work of art.  As a visual medium, it speaks volumes collectively and stylistically even before one reads the small bullet point markers about your experience.

Can’t remember where I collected most of these, but I’ve kept a running list of Creative and Inspirational Resumes to help engender passion for the art.  Gallery after the jump.

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ChurchTechCamp – Be There!

You going to be there?  You have no excuse!  You can even tune in for the live broadcast here.  Read more about how it all got started and then check out the agenda.

I’ll be talking about “online community” in the web space and how to be strategically effective in building community.

If you’ve got anything ideas of anything else you’d like for me to drop a word in about… let me know.  It should be fun.

Eunice 4 VP

We had a great night last night hanging out with some of our very coolest friends Angell & Eunice.  Lots of laughs, great food, even better stories, and then Eunice’s 6th Grade VP Speech.

Priceless.  Full version after the break.

You HAVE to read it a loud without changing ANY of it to get the full effect.

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LifeShare – On and Offline

Zach’s registration picture… We had a picture-registration booth for our visitors to “sign in”.

LifeShare has been an amazing blessing to our family in the last week and this past Saturday was one of the biggies.  We invited nearly 50 people to our home so they could spend some time chatting, hanging out, drinking coffee, eating world-famous Round Rock doughnuts, and here the Gospel message through what God has been doing in my family’s life.

It was awesome.

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