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LifeShare – Live Broadcast TONIGHT – 8:00PM CST

We’ll be sitting right there…!

We’re going to be broadcasting live, TONIGHT, and share with friends/families/neighbors (and a few that might not know Jesus… PRAY!) our story about how God has challenged us to be missional with our lives.

We’ll open the live feed around around 7:00pm, but make sure you’re here around 8:00PM CST time to hear how God has been working in our lives… and we invite you to share with us, ask questions, etc! – GO HERE INSTEAD!

This is one of the ways that we’re trying to encourage others to Share Life: LifeShare!


My Job Description Rocks

Received this personal inmail via LinkedIn the other day.

I thought it was pretty darn cool… and very encouraging.  Although, this is technically nor officially a typical job description… but, whatever.

Your turn:  What does your job description say? And if you have LinkedIn, hit me up!

Gospelr Goes Mobile… Sort Of.

Like my Photoshop work…? …

Anyways, you can now get mobile updates easily (read: faster) if you head to on your iPhone or mobile handset.

Super light, super fast, xml is a beautiful thing… this is for YOU Edge Network…!

… anyone up for developing a real iPhone App…?


This is how I’ve been feeling these past couple of weeks…

All, I’d like to share with you guys something that I’m passionate about; something that’s growing day by day and week by week as my family moves into a brand new stage of our lives.

I’m passionate about living with purpose, with clear direction, and with a missional-mindset.  But it wasn’t always this way.

And so I’m asking you to join us, help us, as we seek to live “on mission” to do Kingdom-building work.

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Gospelr: Ready for BETA Testers!!!

First things first: Praise God.  Gospelr is finally done and ready for BETA.  That means that I need YOU to Sign Up and spread the word.

Designing, developing, coding, online web technology for the Kingdom… that’s what I’m all about, and is a small part of what I’m trying to do for LifeShare… and beyond.

Blog about it, tweet it, email it out! Twitter-land needs a little more Jesus.  More info after the jump.

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A Couple That Twitters Together…

Sue finally got sucked up in the vacuum of twitter and registered an account.  (Go say hi and give her a follow!)

Thanks to @khfranklin and team for the peer pressure… I mean, gentle-encouragement-to-sign-up-for-another-ridiculous-time-bandit…!

But what struck me was that sue and I now have another medium which brings us together.  Hope beyond hope, will this make our marriage stronger?

For those couples that twitter together, has the resulting shared-activity been positive?

Politics and Social Media

It’s not often that I’ve blogged about politics.  In fact, this may be the first “real” post about politics.  … And, I’m not even going to go there all the way yet…!

But, this study done recently and reported by Jeremiah Owyang was definitely intriguing.

Image and article after the break.

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