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Make Twitter into Cash just hit the maps as the new service where you can not only make a couple bucks per month via your Twitter account but is also the fastest way to get Qwitter-spam like no tomorrow (or, perhaps, like yesterday’s nightmarish experience of @loswhit “enemic-like” behavior… one person called it a genocide).

I mean, seriously, would YOU want to get random advertisments via my twitter account on occasion?

I mean, I could use the extra money… a ministry-salary can be somewhat “slim”…  but at what “cost”?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I wouldn’t make much money anyways because my twitter-evaluation was less than a Happy Meal at MickeyD’s…

But, Ragamuffin could be making somewhat south of a Benjamin!  Check it:

Anyways, do as you please.  If I do see an advertisement, expect the email.  Expect it.

Mr. Potato Head Goes Bad

This model to the left was created from scratch from a Mr. Potato Head.

Isn’t that the coolest thing?

You can view the entire (almost) process from start to finish here.

You see, there are some skills that provide “food on the table” and then there are some skills that probably do not provide food on the table, but are cool as all get out.

I wish I had skills like these… maybe I should develop a new hobby or something…

I do know how to do Origami.  In fact, for a time, I was really into it.  Like, really into it.  Like, so much so that I was teaching it to others.  Like so much that I studied it more than my classwork for school.

… Like uber so much that I read books about it more than my Bible.

But, then I found the internet.

3 EPIC WordPress Speed Hacks

I’m a speed-junkie.

I find this post so appropriate too because I watched “Top Gun” this afternoon as I rested from my mid-term-25-paper-nightmare.

I feel the need for speed.

I was the guy who bought the brand new computer and instantly reformatted, custom-partitioned, and hacked my registry for maximum speed (wait… I still do this…).  If my computer could go faster, I would make sure it would.

The same goes for WordPress.  So here are three of my favorite WordPress speed “hacks” that are SUPER easy to implement and so effective that if you aren’t using them (or decide not to use them) I will call you a n00b.

And, if you aren’t using WordPress, you are a n00b by default.  Just kidding…  Hacks after the jump.

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I Drank and Won $500

Trying to find the “moral” of this story… but, I’ll take it.  I twisted off the cap, found an alpha-numeric code, thought it would be fun to “try” and 5 minutes later I’ve got $500 dollars to go crazy on eBay.

Praise God…?  Wish I could cash out to help pay the closing costs on my underwater house…

Family is Better with the Internet

This BBC News article on how technology is making families “better” made my day.

Perhaps it’s because I have some “real” data to provide my better-half when it’s 3am in the morning and my wife asks what I’m doing and I say “blogging”…

… and now I can say “blogging and making our family better!”

… no, I can’t.

But, it’s true (to a certain extent).  Email has helped us, right?  We’re better off because of electronic mail, right?


Although the internet and technology has helped communication, I’ve found it is also the easiest way to distract me from the things that matter most.

Hi Appa

I don’t expect this image to mean anything much to anyone… but to me it melts my heart.  Apparently, Roenne was able to grab a mix of color pencils and draw in one of my notebooks while I was gone.

I interpret her drawing to mean “I love you Appa!”.

It’s the small things in life, right?