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Humans Disappoint

Tonight, I’m sad.

And the reason I’m sad is a tad bit surprising to me, and it’s really got me thinking.

See, I liked Gordon Ramsay.  I suppose I still do, but he’s on the “bloody” edge for me now that I’ve heard the news about his affair.

But should I be shocked?

I’m actually more shocked that I actually care.  The guy was my favorite TV celebrity.  I really enjoyed his shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

I mean, I really liked the guy.  I found his humor refreshing, his shows tasteful (pun intended), and it was, quite simply, fresh and entertaining.

And the guy was known as a family man.  The guy won “Celebrity Father of the Year” in 2006 and the following year his family, the Ramsay’s, won “Celebrity Famly of the Year.”

He’s got a fierce anti-drug stance (since his brother is an addict) and has done some crazy-good charity work.

So what the “hell” happened?  Some more ponderances after the jump.

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Leading By Example

Today is a great gift.  A simple gift.  Today is a day where globally people are giving “thanks”.

It’s also an opportunity for all of us to lead by example, to show gratitude to much more than just yummy turkey, stuffing, and apple pie.  Perhaps lifestyle changes need to be made, sacrifices followed through with, compromises decided upon.

I consider today another opportunity to share what I’ve been given and to lead by example through my thanks.

I feel really inspired.

Are you leading by example in your “thanks” today?  I’m going to try.  And check this guy out too.

I Am Thankful For…

Today is the day before the big “Day of Thanks”.

I’d thought it would be cool to see what others are thankful for, especially in terms of “technology.”

So, I’ll start.  You go do it to on your own blog and then comment back with a link to your post so I can read and rejoice with you.

This can be somewhat tongue-in-cheek if you want it to be, or you can go the serious route as well… the doors are wide open to intepretation!

Or, if you’re not feeling the “thanks” and want to ponder something else to blog about, head over to ChurchCrunch for the first ever Weekly Tech Blog Topic!

So here we go…

I’m Thankful For…

The 8P8C, also known as the RJ-45.

This lovely thing connected me to the internet on a whole new level.  This little thingy has brought me loads and loads of happiness for the past decade or so.  I’m so thankful for you RJ-45, you rock.

So on this day-before-T-Giving-Day… I thank God for the 8P8C.  I wouldn’t be here (blogging, literally) without you.

But then came WiFi.

Korea – 10 Days – Scheduling My Life

It has been a night of “scheduling”.

My brother, Pete, is engaged and is scheduling a marriage ceremony for May 30th of next year and Sue is handling the coordination of the event.

So Chae Yeon has been hanging out with her while Pete and I have been rocking the schedule for our trip back to Korea.

It’s an interesting thing to sit there mapping out the key moments of your life because typically these moments happen and then you realize that they were, in fact, special moments on your proverbial timeline of life.

For example, we’ve been “scheduled” to see our birth mom @ 2:00pm on Wednesday the 10th of December.  It’s wierd even saying it aloud. And it’s even stranger that it doesn’t feel significant.

It’s time like these that I’m glad there’s a Master Scheduler, because I’d be totally screwed if I were completely managing this myself.  What’s nice is that according to Him I’m apparently never late nor early: I’m always right on time.

And that feels good.