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Showing Weakness


When’s the last time you showed some weakness? Seriously.

And not just the “I stink at making scrambled eggs…” type comments, but the type that really matter? That really cost you something?

I’ve been doing a lot of “it” lately, letting down my guard, and showing how honestly messed up I really am. It hurts, it cuts to the quick, and the wounds don’t heal quickly.

I’d like to think that it’s “helping” though. I think it is. I know it is.

When’s the last time you really showed others what you’re really made of?

I Need Some Good Bachelor Party Suggestions


And yes, I did build his website. And yes, of course I built his website on WordPress. That’s not a surprise, right?

Peter and Chae Yeon . com

It’s not a surprise that he had me do it too. All good.

Now, I need some good Bachelor Party suggestions. Things that are “embarassasing” and hilariously entertaining in nature are cool.

Show me some love.

The Lottery – You Give Me Lame Dreams


With the current economic crisis upon us many of us have thought about alternative methods to “paying the bills.”

Let me be the first to admit that, at a moment of weakness, I’ve thought about buying a lottery ticket.

I mean, can you really escape it? Driving down I-85 you see about 10 million ad for the “Mega Millions” and it’s always some insane amount of money up for grabs.

The best commercials I’ve ever seen are the ones that suggest something to the extent of “Today might be your lucky day.”


But it gets you thinking, for sure.

One of the first jobs out of college was located in the same building as the “collection” point for those that win the “Mega Millions.” So, of course, all my fellow employees religiously headed down Monday and Thursday to buy a few tickets. I went with them a few times, not to buy any but to just “join them.”

But it’s tempting. I have never bought a ticket, but I’ve been close. In fact, I don’t gamble at all, even for “fun.”

Some facts that I found recently about the lottery:

  • $58.4 billion: How much we spent on the lottery in 2007.
  • 30%: Amount states kept as profits.
  • $1.1 billion: California’s total lottery profits.
  • 1.5%: Portion of California’s education budget that comes from the lottery.
  • $8.50: Amount a college-educated player spends on the lottery each month in Texas.
  • $16: Amount spent each month by the typical player without a high school degree.
  • 49: West Virginia’s rank in median household income.
  • 1: West Virginia’s rank in state lottery profits per capita.
  • $315 million: Biggest lottery jackpot claimed by a single winner.
  • $51.7 million: Biggest unclaimed jackpot.


Quickest Way to Get a Ninja Death Strike to the Face

human3rrors_teaSee that? ~~~~>

That’s MY Korean-Honey-Lemon-Citron-Tea-with-Yummy-Bits-of-Orange-Peel.



So if you’ve decided to “partake” or “accidentally borrowed” some from the public refrigerator, please tell me before hand before I “ninja-death-strike” you in the face.

And, seriously… whoever you were, I can’t believe you actually jumped right in without reading the label. Can you read Korean? For those who don’t know, the Korean on that label reads the following: “Consume Human3rror’s Tea and Prepare for Death.”


In all seriousness though, I don’t really care. I hope you liked it!


Have a great day!

Is Twitter Eternal?


As more and more and more people get their tweet on via Twitter, I have seriously begun to wonder if it’s going to last some of the typical business-burps that small startups experience.

Recently, they’ve hired a product strategist to help monetize the site. I hope it works, not just for their sake but for ours.

Have you thought about the impact that would be experienced if Twitter was suddenly shut down?

The simple fact is that many of us use it daily, if not hourly (and some every single minute of the day…). Would it be devastating to you?

If they can’t figure a way to get some money out of the beast then it’s going bye-bye. I think they could probably learn something from WordPress

What are your thoughts? Is Twitter eternal?

Read this article for more food for thought.

Video Games Pwned My Marriage


So, confession time: Video Games really messed up my marriage. This study here confirms the truth which I, and my spouse, learned first hand.

You see, I was addicted to video games. One in particular, but it was serious. And I don’t use the word “addicted” lightly. I mean true, clinical addiction.

I would play for hours upon hours. My wife knew of my interest when she first met me but she didn’t really know. Perhaps, I was simply good at hiding it from her.

The first few months of our marriage was rough. I would run, literally, to the games to cope with our disagreements or just get lost in the world because it helped me feel in control.

And it didn’t help that I was so freaking good at the games… I found myself much more interested in being a success there than being a success in my marriage.

And yes, I was a Christian man at the time. A Christian man struggling with sin. I tried “quitting” more than enough times to finally bring me to the place where I just had to admit that I was really messed up.

Sin has an interesting way of getting a foothold in our lives and has the ability to cripple anyone and anything if we don’t rely on the truth that has truly set up free. And through God’s abounding Grace, I got through it, with his help, with accountability, and the love of my wife who always forgave me.

It’s now been a couple years “clean”. It’s unbelievable to think how much time I spent on those machines. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m doing now and I wouldn’t be the husband and father that I am today. I’m not perfect, but I worship a God who is, and He is the “author and perfector” of my Faith.

I dig that.