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Ipseity Personal Branding WordPress Theme


“Personal Branding” is extremely important in today’s digital economy. Knowing how to effectively manage it is equally important, if not more so.

What most people forget is that the moment you’re born you begin a journey of digital-equity building whether you like it or not. (You can thank your parents for that in some cases…!)

The question is whether you will take control of it… because if you don’t someone else will (or the masses).

I decided that I’d rather manage it instead of the social media landscape that could do whatever they wanted with it, for better or for worse really.

So, I bought (site has changed, link to DEMO below) and just sat on it for awhile, but I wasn’t sure what I should do with it.

It looked like this for a while:


Obviously it couldn’t stay like that. At first I thought I should purchase some ready-made website (like who was an obvious inspiration but will set you back 200 bucks or so… but they do have some amazing other versions and flavors!) or off-the-shelf app or theme. … Bleh. I knew I could do better for free.

So, I set out to develop a WordPress theme that would help do that in a creative and attractive way. I wanted something simple, elegant, and super easy to change as my brand changed. I wanted it super light weight, memorable, and had elements that mattered.

I also wanted to make it readily available at no cost to my friends, family, and many others, especially in today’s economy.

I’ve had a lot of friends laid off recently and as they search for jobs and as businesses/recruiters/HR managers review their credentials and use Google to help find the “real” you (hopefully they don’t find the MySpace picture of you half-naked and piss-drunk) wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if they found instead with an attractive and impactful first impression?

Right. You get the picture.

So the Ipseity Personal Branding WordPress Theme was born.

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Waumba Land – Land of the Creator


“Waumba” is a pretty funny word. The first time I heard it I instantly thought of that the band Chumbawamba… right? I personally think our “Waumba” is better though… and our website is definitely superior.


Waumba means Creator in Swahili. So “Waumba Land” means “Land of the Creator.”

In terms of our website that’s what we attempted to do, create very cool “environments” for our children (or the parents of the children) to visit.

So check it out!!

I’ve screen capped the site for posterity here because it just looks great, and my daughter is absolutely loving what the Waumba Land Team does week in and week out by creating irresistible environments for the kids.

My church is awesome. Does your church create great digital environments that mirror the mission and vision of the real environments?

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North Point TV Launches


NorthPoint.TV launched yesterday “officially” with an announce during Sunday service.

I had the privilege of putting this thing together with the help of these awesome people: Brad Bretz, Suzy Gray, Dan Stonaker, Russell Todd, and Heather Breslin all get mad love.

We’ll be broadcasting some of Andy’s sermons on via FamilyNet on Sundays @ 10:00pm EST. FamilyNet also has a Twitter: @FamilyNet

We designed the site in Photoshop, cut it up into CSS, we’re using Akamai for streaming, and some good old fashioned HTML-love.

Blogging is Digital Ventriloquism


I have this recurring thought of the relationship between blogging and ventriloquism, and how, for some people, blogging is like a form of digital-ventriloquism.

You get to talk but not really be yourself; you can act differently, using your voice to say what you want to say but don’t have to be taken seriously because it’s not really you and your true self or voice.

As a result, the consequences of your words don’t have to matter as much to both the creator and the consumer. Perhaps the impact is the same but you don’t have to necessarily own up to it, if you don’t want to.

From another angle, you don’t get in so much “trouble” for what you say or create… because it’s really not you.

Blogging as digital-ventriloquism… what do you think?  Wierd thought huh.

‘Gifts’ I Don’t Have But That Are Still Cool As Heck

Some gifts (I think) “look” cooler than others.

I too once dreamed that being a “stuntman” would be the coolest job in the whole entire world. I don’t think that any more, but it’s still a pretty cool talent, skill, gift, whatever.

What “gift” or “talent” did you wish you had when you were younger that still looks rad but doesn’t bug you anymore that you haven’t actually been blessed with it?