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The Difference Between I.E. and E.G.


This is a very typical question and one of the most commonly used abbreviated latin forms that is almost always used incorrectly.

I.E. Stands For…

Id Est which means that is. You typically use this to help explain a point you’ve made, to clarify something, and/or to provide some context.


  • “That great American holiday, i.e., Thanksgiving, is almost upon us.
  • Enjoy your roast turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and homemade gravy on November 23rd, i.e., Thanksgiving.”

E.G Stands For…

Exempli gratia which means for example. You use this to provide examples of what you just said or mean. You can typically remember this by the phrase example given.


  • “We’ll be happy to have you join us for a Thanksgiving feast, e.g., turkey, cranberry sauce, wilted spinach salad.”
  • “The family has lots of activities planned for after the meal, e.g., touch football, television viewing, and power napping. These are always popular activities for a Thanksgiving night at the Smith residence.”

Things to Note…

  • Use a period after each letter. They are abbreviations.
  • Either abbreviation can be used to begin a sentence; remember to follow with a comma.
  • Either abbreviation can be used in a parenthetical statement; again, remember to follow with a comma.
  • If using within the sentence, and not at the beginning or in parentheses, always precede and follow with a comma.

The End… i.e., This blog post is finished… e.g., I’m done writing.

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Nintendo Power Glove


I woke up this morning and the first thing that I thought about was the Nintendo Power Glove.

I have no idea why I thought about it… I just did.

Ever find yourself thinking about something completely random…? What was it recently?

North Point Ministries Hosting Weekly Gathering for Job Seekers


I love this about my Ministry and the Church that I serve in because they are constantly seeking to support and help those in need today and in the specific context of today.

The fact is that people need help with their careers, and North Point Ministries is here to help.

Starting on Monday, March 30th, we’re going to start hosting a weekly gathering for people recently unemployed called C3G (Christ Centered Career Groups).

Some highlights:

  • North Point is partnering with C3G, an existing ministry for those in career transition.
  • C3G will meet every Monday morning at our North Point campus in the Theater (Men) and Café (Women).
  • C3G is open to anyone who is navigating the challenges of unemployment.

So check it out!

Some Days I Feel Less Than Remarkable


There are some days (actually quite a lot) where I wake up and I feel absolutely poopy. I don’t feel “amped” to get up or necessarily “jazzed” to get to work and pursue my vocational passion.

Today is one of those days.

There are a number of days where I feel like staying in bed and playing with my fingers or trying to put one of my limbs to sleep on purpose (yes, isn’t that really fun…).

Some days, I just feel far less than “remarkable.” Typically it’s because the previous day I did something stupid or something that proved how socially-awkward or socially-retarded I really am.

Yesterday was one of those days.

And it’s not that I necessarily have to feel that way all the time, but some days I just want to feel “special” and feel like I just didn’t do anything to “mess up” myself or someone else.

I need a good dose of Scripture this morning… what do you need?

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My Secret to Designing a WordPress Theme


Turning off Twitter really, really, really works.

That’s my secret sauce.

In fact, to do anything remotely productive these days requires me to turn that darn thing off completely… I’m moving to a point where I need to work on a box that doesn’t have any desktop apps installed and blocking on my wireless router.

That’s how I get it done.

How do you stay productive living in a Twitter-world?

Ocean Plaza Resort Hotel on Tybee Island is the Worst Hotel on Planet Earth


Our hopes were high. We really needed this, a break from “life” and a time (for me) to “unplug” and just hang out on some sand and do pretty much nothing.

But thanks to Ocean Plaza Resort Hotel, we we’re able to experience what we would consider the worst hotel on the face of the earth.

Thanks Ocean Plaza for making our stay one of the most memorable in terms of absolute FAIL.

badcustomerservice1Your staff were inconsiderate and uncaring. Perhaps it was the latter characteristic that was the most defining: You just didn’t care about your guests.

The rooms were simply broken, old, and dingy. The phone lines were down because you’ve decided not to replace, what I would consider, a half-step back toward a rotary phone because they still “worked.” Trying to call the front desk at 4 in the morning was tough because the line kept falling out of the back.

Oh, and yeah…

Why were we trying to call you at 4 in the morning? Because some of your guests were having a rock concert right above our heads. But you didn’t “hear” it. Apparently your “security” that, you told us, “handles” those things, was sleeping in another building. Not your fault, of course…

badcustomerserviceWe really liked how it took you forever to actually do something about those people too. That was awesome.

In fact, perhaps it wasn’t your fault. Most 1 Star hotels have good enough walls where you can’t hear that much coming from other rooms because they don’t use cheap material in their building construction. We could hear stuff about 15 rooms away in all directions, some more “unpleasant” than others.

If you plan on sleeping through a night, you’d have better luck in your car instead of in the actual rooms.

And if you want an “all star” breakfast there are 1,000 far better options than their self-proclaimed “breathtaking” Dolphin Reef Oceanfront Restaurant, which served the coldest “hot” food ever and that left “paper” stuck to my bacon, not once, not twice, but three times.

Some people, who you might call “sensitive” and “squeemish” typically like their food without oily and fried pan paper stuck to their food.

You apparently think your waitstaff is the bomb since you only thought that during the most traffic’d portion of the breakfast hour you should only have 1 staff person waiting tables for 50 people. It wasn’t even 9 yet and it looked like she has run a marathon.


terriblecustomerserviceYour food choice was terrible (and extremely limited), taste was like eating cardboard (even the coffee… how does that happen?) and I really liked the “ocean view’ where I was blinded by reflections of the sun through obviously-not-clean windows.

The thin-film of dust really accentuates the obviously-not-good-enough natural light that the sun, perhaps, provides.

Don’t bother cleaning it though. It made a lasting impression that I will ever hold in my heart. And charging $10 bucks a pop for all of this was really the icing on the cake…

To finish the experience out we actually brought some of these things to your attention as we checked out and paid our bill. We didn’t expect compensation or good customer service, but we expected to be respected and treated like a customer.

Instead, the first thing both of your reps did was make sure that it was crystal-clear that they were not on staff during the hours that we experienced living-hell and that we couldn’t blame them for any of the mishaps.

customerserviceExcellent. Great way to represent your business and “own up” to the issues, I thought. They obviously liked working there enough to completely distance themselves from it.

“That sucks…” and “I wasn’t on staff last night…” and “Too bad…” are not the best reponses to guests that had the worst night of their brief 3-decade existence. Try again.

All in all, if you’ve made it this far, and you’ve considered going to Tybee Island, I’d say you’d have a better experience staying  underneath one of the waterways and bridges that you drive over when entering the Island: You’d have less noise, the food that you would find would probably be more fresh, and you’d get a far-better and unadulterated view of the ocean front.

And, you wouldn’t have to deal with inhuman and “void of emotion” staff that was more happy picking their nose and watching Opra on the office TV.

Thanks Ocean Plaza Resort Hotel on Tybee Island…! You guys are one-in-a-million!

Oh, and thanks for helping me create one of the longest blog posts that I’ve ever written.


Apparently we should have checked here for more info on you guys before we jumped in… We’re not the only ones that thought you guys were terrible.

Have Your Kids Lied About Their Interweb Usage?


A recent study done by web security nuts Symantec showed that children are smarter than their parents: They have learned to hide their internet usage:

What about what your kids are looking at online?

Of those British parents questioned, while 81 per cent said they were confident they knew what their kids were viewing online, 31 per cent of the British kids in the survey said their mum and dads had no idea what they were looking at online.

Whoops. Looks like the number are a bit off there, huh? Your kids are pwning you and you don’t even know it.

Roenne is only 2.5 years old. Yet she’s already seen some of the interwebs (a lot, actually).

I haven’t had the “conversations” yet about the interwebs nor have I begun really thinking about managing her online use (or monitoring)…

What have you guys done to “help” your kids be “safe” online?

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