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For some crazy reason I really like

Maybe it’s because it’s built on WordPress. +1

Maybe it’s because I think a womans hair is one of the most attractive parts of a woman. +1

Maybe it’s because I think the way they’ve built the site is genius. +1

Maybe it’s because I think it’s a real nice way of providing valuable and fun content all at the same time. +1

Maybe it’s because I simply like looking at women’s hair online all the time around the clock 24/7. -1,000,000

Just kidding.

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My ‘Heavenly Treasures’ Are In My Database


There are moments where things just go really wrong in web development.

Servers crash, hardware fails, software breaks… coding errors that own the entire site… What I’ve found is that there are moments when I simply care too much about the issues and problems that come up.

I go into a frenzied panic and everything else that was on my plate now just went down the garbage disposal because my attention and focus is completely fixing or rebuilding whatever just broke.

Apparently my heart, at times, is in completely the wrong place.

My prayer is that my identity is not in the things that I do or manage or create… but in Christ Jesus alone and that I’m building a vault of treasures that are not found on this earth.

Now, back to fixing my database.

The Twitter DM – Abuse?

twitterisscaryIt is true. I am following people on Twitter now.

It’s been a drawn out battle, but for the sake of communication, it’ll be better in the long run. The simple fact is that people couldn’t DM me important information about stuff.

But, here’s the question I pose to you: Do people, generally speaking, abuse their DM privileges?

Now that I’m following everyone that follows me (unless you’re a spam bot or just marketing product) I have 1,000+ people direct access to my already-insane email inbox.

Did I just PWN myself?

The Bunny Transformation Project – Please Vote!

It’s here! Voting now begins for the WINNER of The Bunny Transformation Project! Check out this vid for more information on the contest.

Now, we need your votes! See the Poll at the very end! Voting ends on Sunday!

So here are the contestants and their entries! The winner will get to pick out a new game for the Wii!

Zack – “Rocky Bell Bunny”

“I’m the fastest fists in the whole U.S. of A!!!! Don’t mess with the best!!!!!!!!!!!”


Isa – “Dr. Karen”

“Caring and kind, I’ve got kids on my mind!  Sneeze if you have to, the Doctor is in.”


Carter – “Zero the Hero”

A bunny by day a hero by night!  My heart beats for justice and honor! (But my mom says don’t leave the yard).


Christian – “Spicy Bunny Roll”

“My friends think I’m crazy, like my new gig?…I’m a  regular rennaissance man  of many  roles.”