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Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Tribute – 300+ Videos, Discography, Images, Fan Art


I’ll be honest: I’m a fan, but not as much as many, many, many others out there. There are some true fanatics out there and their tributes are just as worthy (if not more so) than mine.

But the man impacted my life, and I’m thankful that he did, and regardless of all the so-called “wierd” stuff that happened over the years I’m choosing to remember the good instead of the bad.

He showed me, among other things, the creativity afforded in dance and how one somewhat-athletic asian could use his feet for more than just running and kicking a round object into the back of a net.

Dancing has been and still is a part of my life today. I love dancing. I don’t do it often now, and my body doesn’t respond like it used to, but you drop a funky beat and my heart starts pumping. I can still dance in my mind and my imagination, and sometimes that’s just enough.

And I got that from Michael.

From the first time I saw him do the Moonwalk… man, it was all over. I wanted to do exactly that. I watched his videos over and over and over again. I saw how he masterfully matched his body with the music, and yes, I was ‘that’ guy who practiced in the mirror in his underpants.

So, here’s to you Michael. Thanks for giving me dance, amazing music, and some wonderful memories.

What you’ll find here are some videos of some of my favorite songs (you can download the files), his life in pictures, some fan reactions to his passing, some fan art that I like, images of his discography, and more.


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‘Keesha Pur Pur’


Apparently many children create their own language as they first begin to talk. My daughter is no exception.

She has created a number of “words” that mean whatever she wants them to mean in whatever context she deems it to be appropriate. I have no idea what it means, but that’s fine. It’s super cute when she says it.

So, I’m writing it down here so I will never forget “keesha pur pur.”

Roenne, you are my daughter forever and ever and I love you more than I will ever be able to express.