Monthly Archives: September 2009

Magic of Editing

The movie Se7en is a nauseating drama about a serial killer. But, with the magic of “editing” you can makeup almost any advertisement for it and totally change it up.

I wish I could do that with life, you know, do some “strategic” editing…

Husband Fail Friday

It’s Friday! Time for another Husband Fail!

This is your opportunity to share silly stories of how your husband pretty much failed you this past week!

Or, if you want to be honest (Mr. Husband) then go ahead and admit what you did and how it was so lame of you to do whatever you did before your wife shows up and does it for you!

Please try not to take yourself (or this post) too seriously…

Me First:

This has been, honestly, a really rough week for me. Losing your “cool” is easier when one’s under duress. I’ve lost my “cool” a couple (a lot) of times.

The fallout sucks.

A Potential Career Change

Yes, that’s me on the right.

Please tell me, via the comments, whether I should seriously pursue this dramatic career change and if I’ve got the raw talent to be successful.

Thank you for being honest.