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My Mom Reads My Blog(s). Hi Mom. U R teh UBER!

momisawesomeThings change when you realize that your very own mother reads your blog consistently.

And when I mean “consistently” she reads every single post.

She even has signed up for email subscriptions. I mean, she’s a serious lurker!

(It’s ok to be a “lurker” mom, that isn’t a bad thing.)

Thanks for reading my blog posts mom. As you very well know, your son isn’t very good at writing and I want to publicly apologize for the billion spelling errors, grammatical issues, fragments, run-on sentences, and the terribly bad humor.

But you’re the best! Thank for your silent encouragement and the congratulatory emails about things that you may not even fully understand…! (Although… maybe you know what PageRank is from Google… …)



Husband Fail Friday

It’s Friday! Time for another Husband Fail!

This is your opportunity to share silly stories of how your husband pretty much failed you this past week!

Or, if you want to be honest (Mr. Husband) then go ahead and admit what you did and how it was so lame of you to do whatever you did before your wife shows up and does it for you!

Please try not to take yourself (or this post) too seriously…

Me First:

When I’m tired I can get sarcastic. And when I’m sarcastic I can get in trouble because it’s been made pretty clear that my particular “type” of sarcasm really isn’t understood by anyone else on the planet except me.

So, what I consider “funny” and somewhat “playful” is often understood as “rude” and “jerkface.”

I probably don’t need to continue this confession, right?


Whatever you Do, Do More with Others and Less Alone


When Chuck Swindoll spoke those choice words at Catalyst Atlanta a few weeks back it struck me deeply and I knew it to be true.

One of my greatest challenges in life has been my love for independence which, at times, has greatly interfered with my ability to develop sustainable and trusting relationships. It’s been more of an issue with me rather than them but on a bad day I’d tell you that it’s all their fault.

Working with others requires something from me that I find completely unnatural; it just doesn’t feel right and I get uncomfortable really quickly. Yet I know that to be truly successful in both my personal and professional spheres I’ll need a team mentality to be the norm rather than the exception.

And even with the enormous amount of evidence about the obvious benefits of doing things in community I still balk at it. Sheesh. I want to do more with others and less alone but “junk” just gets in the way.

I challenge you to take Chuck’s words to be absolutely true. More than that, I challenge you to actually do something about it. Don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Get someone else involved. You’ll be happier for it, and let’s be honest, you will probably be more successful.

I’m banking on it.

[Image from Nico]