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DoodleJump Challenge: Beat My Score of 133,824!


It is true.

My top score in DoodleJump, the extremely addictive iPhone game, is 133,824.

Apparently some people didn’t believe me.


But here’s the official callout and challenge: Beat my score and I’ll tweet the following 3 times:

“@__________ is the KING of DoodleJump!!!”

And, I’ll throw in some nice holiday gift.



Think you’ve got what it takes?

Become my friend on Twitter and Facebook so we can share scores (so I know if you’re creeping up on me).

Contest ends January 1st, 2010.

Get jumping.

Husband Fail Friday

It’s Friday! Time for another Husband Fail!

And, it’s the Thanksgiving Holiday HFF Special Edition!!! What did you manage to screw up during this season of “thanks”?

Me First:

The holidays are especially stressful it seems. If I’m prone to do anything wrong normally, the holidays just seem to make it worse.

Whether it’s forgetting something very important on a grocery run, not doing the dishes on time to prepare for baking, forgetting an important appointment (or anything related to “time”), I seem to find myself being stupid.

Like… looking at the microwave timer and thinking: “Hmm… I wonder why this is counting down… Oh well, let’s clear that out so I can cook some popcorn…”

Obviously it was counting down the cooking time on a pie.

Duh. /facepalm

100+ Creative, Beautiful, and Inspiring Resumes


There was a time when I really cared about how my resume looked, besides just the content. I don’t actually care much anymore, but I still find them fascinating.

I think the actual look of your resume can say just as much as the words. Personal opinion.

This is an updated post from a while ago here.

Enjoy after the jump… and if you’d like to download all of them I’ve got a zip file as well.

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