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Migrating 21k Pictures and Videos from Flickr to Picasa

Finished. I’m finally finished.

It took a total of 243 hours of downloading (42 hours) and uploading (201 hours) to complete the entire process. Insanity.

I honestly hope no one has to ever do this (or at least to this scale).

But, if you happen to find yourself in a place where you’re going to do the switch, here’s one way of doing it that’s been 100% successful.

Of course, results (and time required) will vary since much of this is based on your availability, your uptime with your internet provider, and your speed (up/down).

And, if they don’t shut you down or throttle your bandwidth…

For a sake of comparison and full disclosure, here’s what rated my ISP and connection speed.

I will also add that I was not directly connected to the internet ever (ethernet) and went wireless the whole time. Although these numbers may seem impressive it hardly sustained this throughout the week and some change.

Finally, after the walk through you’ll find my justification of abandoning Flickr and moving to Picasa, despite having a good deal left on the paid Pro account.

I’d imagine that this will interest a number of my readers, so it’s at the end folks.

Ready? Set? Go.

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One of my goals has always been to be the best darn father ever. I can’t say that I’ve been that.

It’s the small things that my daughter wants and needs; she’s not asking for the world. She just wants enough time for her to be able to express herself and for me to enjoy the things she enjoys because she believes with absolute certainty that I’ll enjoy them as well.

She’s wrong. I don’t always enjoy playing “elephante’s house” but she’s right in that I do enjoy her, watching her create a narrative with a hammer, a few stuffed toys, a beat-up hand-me-down playhouse, and a wild imagination.

Thank you God for my daughter and for her beautiful spirit of energy! I won’t take it for granted. I don’t ever want her to feel invisible.

Discovering Talents

How exactly do you go about discovering new talents? Do you just “try” stuff randomly? Is there a method to it? Some sort of process?

God has created each one of us uniquely… like, really unique. I’ve heard tons of stories of people who, in there 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s discovering new interests and talents.

That amazes me.

It would suggest, to a certain degree, that I still have no idea about all that I’ve been uniquely gifted to do, accomplish, and enjoy.

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Husband Fail Friday!

It’s Friday! Time for another Husband Fail!

This is your opportunity to share silly stories of how your husband pretty much failed you this past week!

Or, if you want to be honest (Mr. Husband) then go ahead and admit what you did and how it was so lame of you to do whatever you did before your wife shows up and does it for you!

Please try not to take yourself (or this post) too seriously…

Me First:

It’s not about how you start but how you finish. I have always been a pretty poor “finisher” especially when it comes to my daily schedule.

The day was going great and yet slipping into “selfish mode” just before bed time is a big no-no…! I did that once (or twice) this past week.


Finish strong men!

Princesses Just Wanna Have Fun


My daughter has seen all of the above “princess movies”.

… Actually, I lied. She hasn’t seen Snow White yet. Odd.

I love those movies. But, they are so formulaic…! And I’m not sure I’m a fan of how awesomely skinny and perfectly-shaped their forms are, I mean, who knew that princess worked out at LA Fitness 7 days a week and manage to keep a flawless complexion and skin tone?

Does every girl really want to be a princess? Are these really good models?