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White Flag – New Series by Andy Stanley (and Me Running)

I’m pretty excited about the new series that’s going to be starting this weekend called “White Flag” with Andy Stanley.

I’ll admit, one of the reasons is because I had an incredible opportunity to help with some of the video for the series, as you can see by image above.

Essentially all I did was this: Run.

And although you might come to see me running you’re definitely going to want to stay for what Andy’s going to be sharing. Seriously, it’s going to be awesome.

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I’m in terrible shape. I’m 190 pounds of asian fatness.

I’ve never been 190 pounds. EVER. And I feel every single pound.

After talking with a friend today I’ve decided that I’m going to start running. Easy, at first. Just 10 minutes he said. A couple times a week.

I’m going to try it.

Please, if you see me, ask me how I’m doing. I give you permission. Yell it from across the room if you want.

It may sting for a second, but it’ll keep me focused.

Thank you.

[Image from Sling]

I Can’t Wait to See this Guy at The Orange Conference 2010

I love people who are so passionate about something that they will trust God for anything.

David Beirn has recently been brought to my attention as one of those types of people (in the middle above).

David, who has been an integral part of the volunteer force in the Children’s Ministry at The Austin Stone Community Church, went to The Orange Tour and his life was forever changed. It was there that he found the right words for what his heart had been running towards all along: family ministry.

You see, he doesn’t just like kids, or think its nice to be a Sunday School teacher, he has the Orange mantra planted deep in his heart: build, invest, equip the family to go after Christ together.

Orange Tour felt like such a small taste, so he knew he had to find a way to get to the Orange Conference 2010 in April. Although he didn’t have much savings as a poor college student, He trusted that if God wanted him to get there, He would make a way!

Apparently someone has heard his heart, and several families he is currently pouring his time and leadership into stepped forward to offer support. In fact, one of our best friends in Austin has a son in his Sunday Class, and they can not stop talking about how awesome he is.

We had a chat with our friend John Murchison, Children’s pastor at The Stone, and David is indeed making a huge impact, and there is not a shortage of families who will testify to this!

So he’s financially set, but I’ve been asking myself, how can we as a blog community join in on building up this next generation leader? How bout help him connect with a group so he doesn’t have to go it alone?

  • Travel: Is there a group flying out of Austin, Dallas, or Houston willing to add another travel buddy?
  • Local Transportation: Does anyone want to split ground transpo in Atlanta with him?
  • Lodging: Any dudes out there needing another hotel room mate to help split costs?

Again, he’s been financially blessed, so he’s not in need of monetary support, just Community Support!!! Best case scenario would be to find all these things with one group, but feel free to contact him with any/all offers!

You can email him directly here!