Monthly Archives: April 2010

Clerk No. 44


When you’re in, you’re in.

There’s something extremely powerful about our desire to connect with other like-minded people. In fact, we simply have a natural desire to connect, period.

It could be something as mundane as having the same coffee mug, or something more serious like your religio-political views on abortion.

We just want to somehow fit in to something.

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Drive Conference Tweetup!

Are you getting excited for the Drive Conference that’s coming up in only a few weeks?

I know I am.

This year promises to be better than last year with some amazing teaching, some insightful breakouts, and even more opportunities to network with like-minded leaders, staff, and more. We’ve even got a breakout for North Point Online (super-pumped!)!

But wait, there’s more……..!

We’re even having a Tweetup this year, located right on campus! More info after the jump!

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Chatting with Cats

I never really understood Skype’s digital-video-avatar thing; I don’t even find it amusing.


It also makes a strange first impression – I’d recommend fixing that next time you interview for a job via Skype.