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June 2010 Desktops

Every once in a while I change my background image to all black.

Typically this means that something is changing (or about to change) and I don’t want any distractions or anything at all I suppose.

I just want nothingness… but that’s me. What are you sporting for this month’s desktop background change-up?

Hitting Your Stride

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have yet to “hit my stride.”

A definition that I’ve found is sufficient:

“Hitting one’s stride: To reach one’s most efficient and productive rate of doing something.”

It might surprise you but web development, design, blogging… all of “that”… I just know that it’s not me in all of my entirety.

It’s somewhat hard to explain. How do I know this?

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Community Highlighting Michael Novotny

One of the nice things about the community forums is that there is a wide array of users bringing their own level of experience to the boards. Some offer great CSS tips, others offer help with PHP or HTML, and others suggest anything from JavaScript to how to get up and running with the theme.

But there are a couple of users that consistently go above the usual answer and offer solid tutorials (complete with pictures, no less) for how to achieve certain things within Standard.

Lately, Michael Novotny has been absolutely killing it in the forums.

In the last two weeks, he’s provide a step-by-step guide for how to install jQuery plug-ins so that they’ll not only play nicely with Standard but they’ll make a transition whenever you upgrade the theme. He’s also provided a short, yet incredibly useful guide for those who are new to WordPress on how to install Standard Theme.

In the future, we’ll be looking to highlight other users that are consistently rocking the forums.

See you guys there,

The Unfortunate Power of a Negative Referral

We live in a “referral-powered” world. It’s just a fact of life; it is what it is.

You could be die-hard against something for whatever reason until someone you love, respect, and trust says something positive about it and recommends it to you.

And then something fascinating happens – your opinion changes.

Relationships are so powerful in that way and a positive referral can jumpstart not only a relationship but also business venture.

It can even jumpstart someone’s entire career; I’ve had it happen too many times to count…

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