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Standard Theme v1.1.1 Released!

Although it’s been available in the forums for Support Licensees for a few days, we’ve just publicly released Standard Theme v1.1.1!

This is primarily a bug-fix release in that it addresses a few compatibility issues with WordPress 3.0 and some minor issues with page titles and search-engine-optimization.


If you’ve already purchased Standard Theme and the Support License, then you upgrade is waiting in the forums. If you’ve purchased a copy of the Standard License, please contact me; otherwise, grab a copy and join the community!

Installation & Upgrade

Once you’ve got a copy of the theme, follow the usual procedure for installing a WordPress theme by navigating to the Themes control panel in the WordPress administration area. From there, click on the “Install Themes” tab followed by the “Upgrade” link.

Note that this will not overwrite your existing Standard Installation so you can roll back if you’d like. Once it’s installed, you may want to copy your custom.css file from the first version of the theme in order to maintain your changes. Other than that, you should be good to go.

Thanks for choosing Standard – See you in the forums!

Your Dad is So Cool…!

We’ve all heard this said or experienced it directly ourselves – something to the affect of someone else’s dad being more cool than your own dad.

But I’m really grateful: I’ve had the very pleasurable experience of hearing it from my friends about my dad:

Man……….! I wish my dad was as cool as your dad…!


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Required Reading: “Bootstrapped, Profitable, and Proud”

This goes under the “required reading” section for my team at 8BIT and all of you web entrepreneurs, etc…

WooThemes: Bootstrapped, Profitable, and Proud

Key quotes for me (and my buddy):

To a large extent, WooThemes is a lifestyle business for us, where we want to enable ourselves to work on stuff we’re passionate about, while pursuing financial success and security.

With WooThemes we’re trying to find that balance between financial ambition and the happiness that WooThemes creates in our individual lives.

Love it.

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Roenne 1, Ants 0

Roenne discovered that she can be a god among ants the other day when we discovered an anthill on our bike ride.

She was a dinosaur!

I wonder if this is what God had in mind when he asked man (and woman) to have “dominion” over the plants and animals…

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Selling New 32GB WiFi iPad [SOLD]

Thought I might as well do a blog post so I can get this thing off my desk…

I’m selling a 32GB brand-new-in-the-wrapper WiFi iPad for $550.00 flat. Includes shipping.

SOLD!!! That was quick.


Here’s a link to the actual product and here’s a picture of what the total cost would be if you bought it from Apple directly. You’d save $100.00.

Email me only if you’re ready to go. Paypal baby!