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How Publishing a Post is Like Getting a Haircut

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This might be a really weak parallel and/or comparison but it really made sense in my head as I was sitting in my stylist’ chair talking to him about blogging.

Every single blog post that I’ve ever written was perfect as it sat dormant and un-published in my head. But, the moment it was birthed into the world it became nothing like the one that I had crafted in my mind.

What happened?

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Vision is Not Enough, You Need to Execute to Grow and Succeed!

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]

Let's see this clearly, shall we?

I spent nearly an hour on skype with one of our community members here on TentBlogger (love how the community is already growing and active!) and we talked about his vision for his work, job, and future vocation.

It was an exciting discussion and it reminded me about how most of my blogs start; the genesis of all of them was simply a vision of what it could be.

The vision and dream would begin circulating in my mind and all the wonderful ideas about how the blog would be a runaway-success would get me high with excitement!

I’d start mapping out the focus of the blog in terms of content, the categories and areas of coverage that most excited me, the design elements that I wanted to include to engage the eye both strategically and for pleasure, and the functionality and feature sets that would engage the audience and take the community to the next level.

I would write all of these things down and the excitement would continue to build, which is great! But now I would face that pivotal moment in the future of this blogs’ growth and trajectory: Execution.

Would I do it? Would I follow through? Have you?

I’m guessing that you are intimately aware of this challenge. In fact, most likely you know this story all too well! You’ve walked this path of dreaming, visioncasting, and ideating about your blog but never getting around to actually doing it, right?

How many blogs have you started in your head compared to the amount of blogs that you actually have? Ouch! The graveyard of blogs that were never born must be in the trillions!

Let’s not add to the body count, shall we?

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Quick Tip: Get a Blogging Buddy (or Team)!

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One of the best things that I did early on was find like-minded people that could not only hold me accountable for blogging consistently but could help remind me daily that blogging is fun.

There’s just something about the power of community when you first start off (and as you continue to grow) that spurs you on to do even better.

So get a blogging buddy today. Here are some practical steps:

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The Definition of a ‘Professional Blogger’ or ‘Full Time Blogger’

Do I Look Like a Professional at ANYTHING?

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]

One of the comments and questions that I’m getting a lot is what I mean when I say ‘Professional Blogger‘.

There are a number of differing viewpoints and not one of them is necessarily incorrect; in fact, anyone has the full right to call themselves a ‘Full Time Blogger‘ or ‘Professional Blogger’ regardless of any outside opinion. But, there seems to be an understanding, both cultural and nuanced, about what it means to be ‘Pro.’

Just think about it for a moment, especially as it relates to professions and jobs in other areas – What do you think of when you say that so and so is a Professional? You probably assume a number of things, right?

So, let’s start with a classic example and something much more familiar, shall we? Let’s talk about Professional Athletes for a moment. When you think about them you probably have a number of ideas in your head, all of them being correct and varied in your perspective.

So let’s start there.

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How Do You Get Motivated to Blog When You Don’t Feel Like It?

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Wow. This is the second day in a row where I’m dropping a video post! Perhaps I’m getting lazy.

But here is what is interesting: Yesterday I felt great, I felt like I could blog the world! I published 15 posts and felt like I had a few more in me. Today I feel exactly the opposite, and that’s ok! I’m now comfortable with the challenge of being motivated.

You’ll hear me say this time and time again: If you’re not having fun, don’t do it! Blogging is fun, let’s keep it that way!

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