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Thinking Strategically about the Placements of Your Calls to Action

[tentblogger-vimeo 16401284]

[Like the quality of the screencast? I use the Screenflow app for it!]

Challenge Type: Strategy, Feature
Time Required: 5-10 minutes, minimum
Impact: Large, since calls to action could get people to subscribe to your blog, purchase products, or create visits to other strategic websites!

Creating “Calls to Action” is something that you constantly want to be thinking about in terms of your blog, the design and layout, and the way your visitor and readers engage with your content.

A “Call to Action” is essentially something you want your readers to do after they read your content or engaged with your website. Things that could possibly fall underneath this would be:

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Using Evernote to Ideate, Collect Material, and Draft Blog Posts

There are only a few tools that I would say are absolutely “essential” to my efforts as a professional blogger and Evernote is one of them.

Clip to Evernote[Click the link to the right to try it out!]

Evernote is one of those tools where I have asked myself on more than one occasion something to this affect:

How in the world did I ever live without this thing?!

Not sure what Evernote actually is? Just think of it as a place and web service that you can access anywhere so that you can collect, record, and remember everything that you encounter online (and offline).

I do everything in Evernote as it relates to my blogging efforts. Here are just a few:

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Installing WordPress Manually on Dreamhost in Less than 5 Minutes

[Like the quality of the screencast? I use the Screenflow app for it!]

I thought it would be helpful for new bloggers who were venturing into self-hosted WordPress installations to actually show how this might happen in a live environment.

For example, in the above video, I show how easy it can be for a novice to get their own WordPress-powered blog up and running with speed; in less than 5 minutes (or so).

Pretty sweet, right?

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Standard Theme: A WordPress Theme Made by Bloggers for Bloggers

**UPDATE** After (or before) you read this you should know that we’ve updated Standard to Version 3… and it’s nearly an entirely new product! Check out my thoughts here.

I realized that I haven’t explicitly mentioned to this growing community of TentBloggers the fact that I use Standard Theme to power this blog and that it is, without question, my WordPress Blogging Theme of choice.

Sure, I’ll admit it – I am 100% biased since this Blogging Framework is something that I built with my own hands!

But it has grown so much and has been so well received (Mashable noted it to be one of the Top 8 WordPress Themes out there!) that I’ve been forced to build an amazing team around it so as to support the growing interest from bloggers who simply demand excellence and quality when it comes to their blogs and the blogging themes that they use.

I built this WordPress Theme simply because there was no other theme out there that was able to meet my exacting needs, which were many:

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Dreamhost: Free Extra Domain Name for Life!

Dreamhost is one of the many web hosts that I have recommended that you check out when considering a hosting provider for your new blog.

They are simple to use and every single client that I’ve helped move to this system has liked it so far. And I use it as well for a few of my sites and blogs!

One of the nice things too is that it’s very simple to setup a new WordPress-powered blog as well, either via a 1-click installation process or even manually. In fact, everything that they’ve done with the back-admin is pretty slick and easy to use.

Can’t go wrong with that!

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