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Blogging on an 11″ Macbook Air

I love testing out new gear...!

I’m at a local Best Buy looking for some lucky left-overs from yesterday’s rush and I thought I’d try blogging on the 11″ Macbook Air that they had on display.

Not bad…! Even though I’ve already sang my love song over the 13″ I could see myself grabbing one of these 11″ for redundancy and a backup device.

The screen resolution and real estate is just fine and the necessary power to run most of my apps appears to be there.

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The Best Blogging Theme for WordPress, 30% Off!

*This promo is no longer active! We’ll have more soon!*

I’m unashamed to say that the best blogging theme built for WordPress is the Standard Theme! Heck, I’m using it here on TentBlogger (just in case you didn’t know)!

And my team and I are giving a 30% discount on it through the end of the month as well as for Live Theme, a premium WordPress Theme for live broadcasts and live events (which I use here on TentBlogger Live).

So get a copy and start blogging like a pro!

I Am Thankful for You!

[tentblogger-vimeo 17192683]

I hope that everyone has a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving and that you eat lots and lots of yummy food!

I appreciate you! Yes, you!

And so does my daughter!

The Tension Between Tools and Culture

Oftentimes we mistake issues that we have with the tools that we use with the actual culture in which we use them.

For example, our team has been somewhat on the fence as it relates to 37signal’s Basecamp and we ultimately decided that it was a cultural issue rather than an issue with the tool that kept us from diving 100% into it.

With a little bit of leadership we’ve made a commitment and it’s going to change the game; sometimes that’s all that it takes.

Crafting the TentBlogger Brand with Caricature Artwork

Initial design sketches, etc.

When I first sat down and began my branding exercises for TentBlogger I did exactly the same things that I have done for the rest of my businesses previously: I just started spewing ideas into my Moleskine notebook with little rhyme or reason.

At some point though I do eventually find the patterns of the information that I had began jotting down and eventually I walk through a more classic set of exercises that capture a few of these elements, some of which you may be familiar with:

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