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How Your Blog Categories Can Help You Focus Your Content This Coming Year

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Your blog categories tell a story; namely a story about what you should blog about this coming year as you attempt to focus your content on your blog!

It’s quite reasonable to believe that the most sustainable type of content for your blog is the content that you blog about the most, right?

Sometimes the answer to your questions is right in front of your (blogging) eyes!

Have a great New Year guys!

A Quick Look at My Amazon Affiliates for 2010

Amazon Affiliates can make you a few pennies or a few benjamins!

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As you can see from the above picture I made a few dollars using Amazon Affiliates as a monetization strategy. Let me be clear that I was not actively using this as a core piece of my overall financial strategy but very much a passive one.

In other words, occasionally I would promote a book that I had just completed reading and shared it via Twitter or my blog. Over the course of 1 year I converted nearly 100 items making nearly $100. Not bad, right?

It’s quite reasonable to believe that if I were to actively begin executing strategically with Amazon Affiliates that I’d be able to make significantly more (and some make a lot of money via Amazon).

Here’s a look at my actual ‘Click and Conversion’ rate:

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It all starts on paper.

Every new product has a beginning and most start on paper.

I love humble beginnings; they make for better stories long-term.

10 Practical Tips on How to Handle Your First Advertising Sale

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[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series.]

I can remember with vivid clarity the first time I fielded an inquiry for an advertising slot on my blog: I was stoked! I can remember literally getting up and doing some sort of weird dance. It was so exciting!

I didn’t know it at the time that I’d eventually do this as a full time job but I did know that it was a big first step! I’ll admit that I didn’t handle this first inquiry perfectly and I definitely have lost a few opportunities after this one but luckily my success rate has increased since then!

I’ve learned a few things a long the way and for the most part I believe that the majority of you will be able to manage these inquiries well so hopefully this will serve as a healthy reminder as well as bring up some key points that you might want to mention so as to have the best experience possible!

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A 10 Step Visual Guide to Setting Up and Installing Google Analytics

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series. Check out the rest here!]

Setting up your website analytics for your blog is a critical step in taking your efforts as a blogger to the next level. For many, especially those that are just starting out, installing an analytics package like Google Analytics can be a daunting task!

[A much easier one is one of the plugins mentioned here on my list of analytics apps that I use.]

For those that have done it a million and a half times it’s like drinking water but remember when it was your first time? Yikes!

So, I’ve created a quick visual guide to setting it up and installing it on a simple site as well as in a WordPress Theme. Ready to get started?

[You can click all of the images for a larger view!]

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