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5 Things That Will Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly

Love 'Fresh Starts'! Let's do it!

I love new beginnings, and now is more than a better time than ever to make your blog more SEO friendly.

I love the opportunity to start fresh and clear where I can put aside the past and look forward to the new future with a new perspective and vigor!

Sure, some will argue that the so-called New Year’s Resolutions never really find follow-through for most people but we’re not in the “new year” yet!

And seriously; now’s a good time to do this stuff anyways if you haven’t done them already! Why not leverage a particular calendar date to eek out a little motivation?

Sure! No problem!

So, in the next 5 days (including today) you should look to spend 5 minutes (at least) doing these 5 things to get yourself ready for the coming new year!

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If Everyone is an Expert…

… then no one really is, right?

One of the reasons it’s difficult to trust sources online is simply because it doesn’t take anything except a little bit of deceit and self-denial for anyone to name themselves as an ‘expert’ in whatever they darn well please (and they can get away with it too)!

Lonely, isn't it?

Your challenge then as a blogger is to overcome this gap and the learned response by readers (and the internet at large) that will naturally make them want to be cautious when engaging with a new property and blog. At times this challenge seems like a hurdle that’s too large to overcome!

Although I haven’t gotten it perfect all the time, there are two things that I’ve tried to do consistently that have done a fair job of bridging the gap between myself and my (future) readers. It is also worth noting that the blogs that I read and the bloggers that I trust seem to hold these two elements in high regard as well!

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It Pays to Do Your Research When Naming Your Blog

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]

I’ve gotten an incredibly large amount of emails recently about people wanting to re-brand their blogs for the 2011 year. If you’re in the same boat then now is as good of a time as any to do it!

For most of the inquiries I simply point them to this blog post here: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right (and Best) Name for Your New Blog, which took me a long time to write (and I believe serves 99% of most people’s questions), but more than a few have recently emailed me about #10, Violating Copyright.

What a bummer! That’s definitely not the reason you want to (or have to) re-brand your blog!

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5 Guiding Principles that Will Help You Choose the Right Advertisers

[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series.]

Just because it looks good...

One of the challenges that you face as a blogger who’s new into the advertising arena is when to say ‘Yes’ to the right sponsors and partners and how to say ‘No’ when ones come around that don’t quite hit the target.

The question, of course, is what exactly the “target” is for your blog as it relates to quality direct sales advertising, right?

It’s actually not too tough to make the decision once you have these 5 guiding principles in line and have helped me time and time again to feel at peace and at ease with saying ‘No’ confidently and assertively (and saying ‘Yes’ with thankfulness and gratitude when the right ones appear!):

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