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How Do You Manage Distractions as a Blogger?

[tentblogger-vimeo 21756067]

This morning I was having a very deep conversation with my 3-month old daughter about “distractions” and how I can manage them better as a writer and a blogger.

Check out the above video and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you manage distractions personally!

One of my favorite "distraction" comics.

Have a great day and try to not be distracted!

Giveaway: Screenfloat

Love this app!

A few days ago I wrote about how much I love ScreenFloat, a newish app (for me) that I’ve found that has changed the way I blog, especially as it relates to the amount of time I spend switching between windows as I write.

I posted a quick screencast about how I use it in particular and the comments proved that it would be a well-received app for many bloggers!

Apparently the community here gave it enough positive attention, traffic, and sales that the ScreenFloat team contacted me directly thanking me for the coverage and wanted to give back to this community by offering 3 copies of the app!


So thanks to not only the guys behind ScreenFloat but also you, the community, for responding so positively! We all benefit from the response!

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Vimeo, YouTube RSS Embed WordPress Plugin

Strategic call-out that's intelligently designed for stupid RSS readers...

Don’t lose a video viewer via those pesky RSS Readers again!

Your content is important – every single piece of it! This includes both the content via copy as well as the rich media that you create day in and day out! There should be nothing that’s stopping your faithful readers to consume and engage with your content, right?

Unfortunately something that’s severely lacking innovation (and significant advancements) is in the area of RSS feed interpretation via RSS Readers. In other words, many of the RSS readers that your community is using (like Google Reader and many others) do not read your feeds with 100% accuracy, especially when it comes to formatting and rich media like video.

The problem? You’ll be scanning through your RSS feeds and suddenly you’ll see a huge blank spot in your reader where a video should be. Or you won’t even see a video at all! Doh!

Here’s a good example (from one of my personal blogs no less!):

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8BIT Podcast: Kyle Bragger and Squid Eyes

Oh, Hey!

Didn’t see you standing there. Since we’ve started a team blog talking exclusively about 8BIT’s business & culture, we figured the podcast would be a better fit over here.

So, hot off the press…. we’ve compiled a fresh episode of “The 8BIT Podcast“: where we fill you in on all the latest team news, more sarcasm than you can handle, and sweet interviews with startups & people in the tech industry that are “getting it done.”

You can subscribe two ways:

  1. Feedburner
  2. iTunes

Listen after the jump…
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Do You Share Your Emotion on Your Blog’s Sleeve, So To Speak?

Do you show your emotion on your blog's sleeve?

[This is part of theĀ Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]

Emotion is a powerful tool that can be used to convince, persuade, and move people to action. Leveraging it well and with wisdom is something that needs to be practiced and managed with great care.

I’d also add that there needs to be a certain level of caution as well as the effects could be lasting or even permanent in some cases.

But how does emotion translate as it’s injected into your blog posts both intentionally and unintentionally? That’s the question that I’m wrestling with today.

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Understanding Post Formats in Standard Theme 2.6

One of the new features in Standard Theme 2.6 is the integration with WordPress’ post formats. Since the theme’s release, we’ve had a number of questions asking us about post formats and why use them.

We want to make sure that you guys are getting the most out of your copy of Standard (and are aware of what features it offers), so here’s a quick explanation of post formats, why they are useful, and when to use them.
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