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Photo WordPress Theme for Photo Bloggers

My team over at 8BIT launched a new photo theme for wordpress that you’ll want to check out.

It has a number of features that are not found elsewhere in terms of a wordpress theme like the ability to stop thieves from stealing your bandwidth, embeddable galleries elsewhere off your blog, and unique gallery settings that pretty unbelievable.

So proud of my team for killing it!

5 Tips on How to Bring a Stagnant Blog Back from the Grave


Got a “stagnant” blog? Do you have a blog that hasn’t gotten much love recently? Did you accidentally (or strategically) forget about that blog?

Or do you have a blog that seriously needs something a bit more than just CPR?

How do you revive it and bring it back to life? That’s what @joshuamtaylor asked me the other day:

@TentBlogger – have you written anything on “reactivating a stagnant blog” or anything like that?

I quickly answered him that I’d take a look at it and answer it soon since I know that more and more bloggers have asked me for advice on how to resuscitate or revive a blog that’s been just hanging out for a bit without any new and updated content.

Here are 5 tips that can get your blog (and you) back on its feet:

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Do Not Outpace Your Ability to Execute Your Blog Ideas

Stay ahead of the wave of ideas that you have so you don't get squashed.

I don’t care how good that blog idea is – if you’ve already got a blog then stop!

You see, one of the challenges that many of us face is our tendency to outpace our ability to actually execute on the many ideas that we have for our blog(s).  Some of you might have a huge list of things you want to do but that you will honestly never get around to actually doing.

These could include simple things like adding a new WordPress Plugin (or finding the perfect one for that very particular feature and functionality), installing a new WordPress Theme, trying a new 3rd party script, or even finishing that simple blog series that you promised yourself that you would get to (a month ago).

But one of the larger (and more costly) ways that we outpace ourselves is simply buying new domain names that we know, in our heart-of-hearts, we will never actually get around to writing for or launching much less. I mean, I’m susceptible to this myself as I have a list of domains I’m even trying to get rid of!

So how do we stay focused so that we can be more successful with the few things that we’re already responsible for? Here are five things that I try to do every single time I get that “itch” that might put me in a bind:

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Submit Your Blog to DMOZ

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series.]

I’ve covered how to add your blog to services like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! but there’s one more service that you’ll want to get into and that’s DMOZ.

What is DMOZ? It’s a community-run website and url directory that’s owned by Netscape and it’s been around since June 5th of 1998. Yeah, it’s nearly 13 years old!

But why should you even care? Here are a few reasons why getting into DMOZ is well-worth your time and effort (which isn’t much actually):

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13 More Tools for Testing the Performance of Your Blog

Body Builders train and "test" to the extreme. If we only did a fraction of that for our blogs...

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

Developing great blog content is as much the actual content as the way in which it is delivered. I’ve spoken multiple times about this but it’s worth repeating: The speed of your blog impacts your search engine ranking and your user experience!

In fact, I mention this briefly in the first post of the Blog Content Series as one of the often-overlooked elements of your content strategy!

In addition, I’ve already shared 5 sites that help you test a web host as well as 10 sites to test site speed, page load, and caching but I wanted to share my entire list of “blog performance” resources that I use to test a blog so that you have everything that I have when doing diagnostic tests and such.

So here are 13 more tools for testing your blog so that you can optimize your blog to the max! Be certain that some of these are a bit more “nerdy” than the one’s previously mentioned; in other words, you might need a bit more technical knowledge to use them well.

Oh, and yes, I did in fact just say “to the max”.

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Art of the Intern

The “art” and valuation (and evaluation) of the intern is hard to pin down. I’ve read so many different “manuals” on how to attract, retain, coach, lead, teach, and fire interns that it’s all just a puddle of mud in my brain.

What I’ve learned is that the best interns are the ones that do the following:

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Content Style Suggestions, Guidelines for Great Web Copy

Add some style to your (content) substance.

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

If we’re spending so much time on making your blog content the best that it can be we must talk briefly about styling your copy and content in the best way possible. What I’m talking about specifically is creating an explicit Style Guideline for your content or at least having one internally memorized.

Now, to be sure, I’m not a perfect example and I like the freedom to change the way that I write and present the content but there are a handful of points that you’ll want to always consider when writing great web copy for your readers.

Here are a few things to consider when you write your content so that it’s impact is the best and your readership is the highest.

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