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20 Must Have iPhone Apps for the Casual and Professional Blogger

These apps help me become a mobile blogger.

It’s true – I’m addicted to my iPhone (but it’s not my fault!).

Sure, sure… I have tons of good excuses like the fact that being a full-time blogger requires that I’m using it constantly or that my startup business require that I have one with me at all times but it’s really the apps that keep me so hooked!

Here are the applications that I use to keep my blogging efforts fluid and effective:

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The Best iPhone Twitter App

the tweetbot logo and iconA few people have asked me what my favorite Twitter App for the iPhone is and the answer is simple: TweetBot.

I have been completely sold-out to this paid application (currently $1.99) after I first installed it and haven’t looked back.

Trust me when I say that I’ve tried all of the most popular iPhone-related Twitter apps and many of the lesser-known ones as well and I’ve found TweetBot to be more than satisfactory.

That being said I strongly suggest that you find one that works for you and not all Twitter Apps are created equal – you might have some very specific needs that TweetBot can’t (and won’t) address and so find the right one that works for you so that you can be the most effective.

But perhaps I might convince you today to spend $2 that you weren’t planning on spending today. Sorry! Just skip that afternoon coffee run, right?

Here’s a look at why I love it and how I use it:

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Your View Today Is…

This is my view today. Nothing too exciting.

This is my view today. Nothing too exciting.

I’ve got my Macbook Air, a medium-sized coffee from my school’s cafe, and the back of my classmates head.

What is yours? Take a picture, post it, and share it!

10 Free Keyword Tools for Your Blog Title Tag Research

Keyword research takes time but can pay off in huge ways.

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series and The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]

The previous post hopefully opened your eyes to the importance of not only having great blog post titles and title tags but also the importance of leveraging strategic keyword research so that you can get more bang for your buck, so to speak, with your blog posts for users and search engines.

I introduced one such keyword tool in that post but I thought an easy follow-up would be to share some of the other free tools that I have historically used for my own personal blogging keyword research.

Here’s a list of 10 free keyword tools that you can use to further your strategic keyword research for your blog posts:

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Crafting Perfect SEO Meta Title Tags for Your Blog Posts

The right tags for your post titles will bring seriously-yummy traffic.

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series and The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]

One of the most important elements of your blog post is your title. In fact, according to many search engine optimizers (SEOers), it is the most important element that you’ve got.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with that completely since you actually need to write some great blog content so that your readers have something to do with themselves when they get there but I strongly affirm the significant importance of a well-thought out title and title tag.

So what’s the big deal? For starters you might not even think that it’s all that important since you’ve been publishing for a long time now and haven’t considered your titles very much at all and you’re getting good traffic both directly and organically through search engines.

Why start now?

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Working on Our Screen Tans

[tentblogger-youtube -dk3Yaa5t9I]

It’s the summer time and no better time to work on our screen tans. Sure, it’s a beautiful day outside but why waste a perfectly good opportunity to work at a local co-working spot, jump into a board room, and turn off all the lights?

Sure sure.

Top 3rd Party Commenting Systems, Platforms for WordPress and Why I Don’t Use Them

The wrong commenting systems can create undesirable reactions. Scary. (via iStockPhoto)

[Image via iStockPhoto. This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series.]

The commenting system that you use is vitally important and you should put just as much thought into it as you do choosing the right blogging platform and software. In fact, it should definitely inform your choice in the end!

Most people though just go with the “native” commenting system that’s built into the blogging software itself and feel pretty good about it but for those that feel like they need some additional power or feature set there are a handful of well-respected and well-used 3rd party commenting systems that you can choose from.

Here are 5 that you might consider and the one that I (obviously) have opted to use for my blogs:

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