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Another Great Month with Adsense: September, 2011

As I continue to share my candid thoughts, strategies, and methods in my Adsense for Bloggers Series I’m still experimenting and testing (very important) with it here on my blog as well.

Last month I made $431.34 and this month I increased to $604.36! That’s an increase of $173.02 or more than 40% month-over-month! Can I say that my tests and optimizations are actually working? I think so.

I’ll probably share a few more of my thoughts on what I did specifically in the Community Forums in the next week or so but overall it’s been just slugging through testing and optimizing particular areas of the post.

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Reading: Steve Jobs

I’m really doing only one thing this weekend (besides hanging out with my beautiful family): Reading Steve Jobs.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend that’s full of fun, family, friends, and good reads! Of course, I’ll most likely share a few thoughts after I finish the gargantuan book – I’ve already learned a few incredible things about him as well as learned a few things about myself. I’ve previously shared a few things about blogging like Steve Jobs too.

Good books do that you know.

What are you reading these days?

Use Real-Time Split Testing for Google Adsense Optimization

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the challenges that you might encounter for A/B Testing is that of bias. In other words, you might discover (or feel) like there were too many other factors that were introduced to get a complete understanding of the original test.

For instance, you may have redone the design of the blog in addition to changing the locations in your split test which could have contributed greatly to the increase or decrease CTR.

The answer? Real-time testing. The Google Tool introduced in the last post does a good job of this but it may take a bit of time to get installed and up and running. Another way, especially with WordPress, is to use a little code to simulate the A/B test.

You can do this quite easily with the following PHP code:

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Using Split Testing, A/B Testing, to Optimize Adsense Earnings

If you don't you're leaving money on the table.

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

Well, we’re finally here – one of the “big” posts about Google Adsense testing that I’ve been holding off so as to give more context for what we’d be doing and prepping you for the work that would be involved.

The fact is this: There are tons of optimization techniques that exist (and I’m not going to share all of them in this series, be certain of that), some of which I’ve already shared but there are few better than “Split Testing” or what is also understood commonly as “A/B Testing.”

What is that? Most simply it’s this:

A/B testing, split testing or bucket testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates.

What you are simply doing in the context of Google Adsense is seeing how your advertisements perform in different situations, locations, size, etc. In fact, all of the optimization techniques that I’ve shared so far can be accurately measured by the A/B Testing technique!

Here’s a very practical example:

  • You begin by adding a 468 x 60 banner advertisement in the header for two months. It brings an average of 10 clicks per month for you earning you about $20.
  • You move the same sized banner into the content layer right before the title of the post. You test for the same amount of time, two months. It brings an average of 15 clicks per month earning you $30 per month, an increase of $10!
  • You opt for sticking with the 468 x 60 right before the title from now on (or you could test another location, placement, and size).
  • Rinse and repeat.

This is a very simple (yet realistic) example of a basic split test or A/B test. Here’s what you will need to be successful at this:

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How to Successfully Sell Ad Space on Low Traffic & New Blogs

One of the challenges for a new-ish blog and blogger is finding those first advertising dollars, for the first time. It’s tough because you have a lot of competition and you’re most valuable assets aren’t as competitive, yet.

Or is it? I think that selling advertising on smaller blogs and websites isn’t as tough as you might think. I’ve written some good articles already in the Making Money Blogging series and Getting Started with Blog Advertising series but I wanted to spend a little bit more time just talking through some of my thoughts about advertising sales on low-traffic blogs.

The thing is that most bloggers think that you need the following to be successful at selling advertising inventory:

  • Lots and lots of traffic.
  • Lots and lots of social proof, fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc.
  • An experienced track record of advertising.

Naturally, most bloggers who have just started out don’t have these types of things and feel like they are automatically disqualified because advertisers and businesses won’t find them attractive.

But any good advertiser knows that traffic is only part of the equation – a smart and strategic advertiser cares about one thing primarily: Conversion, especially high conversion rates.

What they need are blogs and bloggers who can deliver that value proposition to them with the right type of traffic with the right type of visitors.

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