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Creating Adsense Channels for Optimization, Metrics, and Reporting

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the most important things to do when you first start optimizing your Adsense is making sure that you’re creating Adsense Channels in your system.

Most bloggers, advertisers, and marketers have no concept of this very simple way of making sure that you can, in fact, optimize!

Creating a “Custom Channel” is one of the best ways for you track the numbers that are necessary to optimize. Now, there are generally three ways in which people create these channels:

  1. They don’t. They have all their advertisements bucketed without channels. This is not good and not helpful.
  2. They create large channels per property with all their ad units in one channel per that property. This can be good for a various amount of reasons.
  3. They create channels for every single ad unit they create. This is a lot but generally this gives the most granular reporting for optimization.

Currently I’m doing #2 for this blog:

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Optimizing Adsense Through Placement, Movement

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the strategies that I’ve mentioned already a few times throughout the Adsense Series is that you need to continue to test the success of your advertising methods with Adsene to really get them to be optimal and one of the first ways to do this is to simply move your advertisements around to increase CTR and reduce banner blindness.

See, what happens is that over time your blog will (hopefully) have more visitors that are coming back for more content – these “repeat” visitors will not as often click on advertisements as those that come from organic search.

They will simply ignore them over time. If you want to reduce this you need to move the units around your blog space – and you have to decide a good rhythm and cadence for your changes.

Sometimes the changes don’t have to be too dramatic – for example, what would it take for you to take your advertisement that you have near the top of your content and move it to the center? Or what if you were to suddenly right justify the advertisement instead of having it on the left? Sometimes that’s all it takes!

Or, you could do something a bit more dramatic with the sizes as well – it is, of course, completely up to you!

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Optimizing Google Adsense Link Units

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the Google Adsense Units that we haven’t mentioned much is the “Link Unit” option which many bloggers often fail to use at all or simply use ignorantly without much gain.

Recently a new update to link units have been implemented which, based on their research, will hopefully yield even higher CTR for bloggers and publishers:

We’ve heard feedback from publishers that it isn’t clear why they should choose to show four versus five terms in their link units. Most people pick one of these options by guessing the expected performance. We’ve actually found that link units with four terms almost always perform better than five.

As a result, we’re reducing the number of topics in all link units to four for horizontal orientations and three for vertical orientations. If you’re currently using link units, this change will happen automatically. We’re also slightly increasing spacing between and font size of each term.

Not too bad! I do use them here and their situated after the content and before the comment layer:

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Adsense: Optimizing Your Blog for The 3 Unit Rule

This is the policy. Period.

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

By now you’ve walked through a number of optimization efforts of your actual units and we’ve discussed how a lot of this is generally useless unless you have the right amount and type of traffic.

In fact, optimization of the units is only half the battle – making sure that they are positioned well (like the Blogger’s Adsense Combo) as well as strategically is the other half!

One of the things that you will need to learn about as well as begin to build a strategy around is the 3 Unit Rule:
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Adsense: Find the Right Frequency to Check Your Metrics

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the natural things to note while we’re talking about traffic, monetization, and especially web metrics is that obsessing over it and constantly checking your Adsense account and metrics will really get you nowhere.

In fact, it might be one of the more unhealthy things you could be doing with your time – there are certainly more important things to be doing with your life (like spending time optimizing!).

But let me be clear that there’s a rational and reasonable justification of why checking daily (or more than once a day) is pretty much fruitless:

  • Hourly (daily) changes have no long term statistical meaning and relatively low-to-no significance.
  • Checking that often is just a waste of time. Period. You have better things to do.

What you’re better off doing is establishing a rhythm and schedule of checking and sticking to it. For example, in my BlogX program I’m coaching people to check daily but for less than 5 minutes and at the beginning of their work. And that’s it! Just once to jot down some statistical information.

What we do then is once a month take a look back and begin to formulate significance. This of course begs the question about frequency
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