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Steve Jobs: Do You Truly Love What You Do?

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I really like this very short video with Steve Jobs talking about passion and truly loving what you do. I especially like the rationale that it’s ultimately about perseverance – and that any sane person would quit (and probably should quit or get fired) if they don’t love what they do.

In terms of your blog, do you truly enjoy your time writing and blogging? If not you probably won’t make it long-term which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but the point is not to be confused, jaded, or disillusioned that you’re going to be doing it 10 years from now.

In fact, it might be better to concentrate on things that really get you going instead of spending time in areas that might be simply a weakness.

This is the last day of the calendar year in 2011 – make it count by not repeating the same boring things next year!

Coworking in Atlanta: Ignition Alley

I have a lot of random goals for 2012, some of which may make me rich beyond my most wildest of dreams (LOL… not.) and many of which are simply for general interest and personal development.

One of them is to visit experience all of the Atlanta-based Coworking spots and give them a try. I’ve already tried a handful of them but I have yet to commit to one in terms of a membership. I finally threw down some cash (not too much actually) for Ignition Alley, a coworking spot that’s literally a mile and a half from my home.

Started by three guys, one whom I went to school with and lived in a dorm across from mine our 2nd year, it’s a comfy spot just east of downtown on Ponce de Leon and across the street from the Ford Factory (where I lived my final year at school!). I can’t seem to escape this side of town, seriously!

And before I go any further I want to answer a question that many of you will probably want to ask me: Why are you spending money on an “office” space when you have another office and a functional home office setup? The answer to that is simple: I can’t work from home all the time or that would drive my wife and I insane and my startup office is a 45 minute drive one way so that’s not always fun. I need to change my environment consistently and this is a way to maximize my productivity during working hours.

Cool? Yeah. Very cool.

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Don’t Quit Your Blog Too Early! Longevity is a Growth Strategy!

This is a Guest Post by Jonathan Malm who writes and speaks about the creative process via his personal blog and Church Stage Design Ideas.

The key to a blog’s growth is longevity. In other words, the longer your blog is around, the more people will discover it and share it (assuming it’s quality content). Unfortunately, most people think their blog is the exception to that rule. Many of us are so in love with our content or concept that we think our blog will become an overnight success.

That rarely happens.

I had this interaction with a new blogger:

It’s frustrating. When I post something new, I tweet about it. I get about 100 views or so. But on days that I don’t post anything, I don’t get any traffic. What should I do?

He said this like it was unexpected.

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My Top Posts for 2011

As many of you have already done I’m listing out some of my top posts for the 2011 calendar year. They are rated by simply views, not comments.

Here they are:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog
  2. Social Widget Plugin for WordPress (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)
  3. How I Monetize and Make Money Blogging (and How Much I Make Per Year)
  4. Setting Up and Optimizing W3 Total Cache (Up to v0.9.2.4)
  5. Standard Theme: A WordPress Theme Made by Bloggers for Bloggers
  6. Migrate from Blogger (Blogspot) to WordPress without Losing SEO, Links
  7. The Best iPhone Twitter App
  8. Setting Up and Optimizing WP Super Cache for Your Blog
  9. 3 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Branding, Landing Page [Download Template]
  10. Blogging Foundations Starter Kit

I’ll go one step further and share with you why these (and many of the other top posts) found themselves on the list:

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Giveaway: Tentblogger T-Shirts by ooShirts!

Yes, it’s true. I had a few custom Tentblogger t-shirts made via my friends over at ooShirts!

Sam, one of the ooShirts staffers dropped me a line about their rapidly-growing customized apparel company out of Berkley, California. They are a startup that wants to provide the best quality product at the lowest price, and to make sure the ordering process is fun and easy.

Heck, I love nearly anything that is both fun and easy…! And apparently we have a few Tentblogger (or at least fans) in their office who suggested that they hook up some of our community with some sweet loot!

So they sent me a Small, Medium, and Large and I’ll be giving away all three of them to three lucky people! Swwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeet!

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Small Update: Tentblogger Newsletter Has Moved, Kinda…

A small update on my Tentblogger Newsletter – I’ve just updated the subscription link since I changed MailChimp accounts (or rather imported/exported into another account).

I was sharing an account with my startup team and decided it would be best to separate the accounts just so that we could more easily manage the lists and spread costs.

It was an easy process but I wanted you guys to know, especially those that have already subscribed. If you have any questions let me know! But for 99% of subscribers it’s just “business as usual.” Nothing to see here folks!

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Are You Using the New Facebook Timeline?

I recently updated my personal Facebook profile page to the new-ish Facebook Timeline look and I’ll be honest, I’m actually liking it a lot better.

I’m digging the new “cover” portion at the top where you can personalize your visitor’s first impression with a larger image – I’m currently using an older image on a Macbook Pro that I had a few years ago and I’m trying to find a better picture but haven’t come up with it yet. I’ve seen some incredible examples of creative timeline covers and they’ve given me some great ideas for my own.

I’m also liking the very clean appearance overall with some of the most important information up top, where it should have been all the time! The right side navigation is convenient and gives one the nice ability to quickly go to a particular year of interest. This level of increased usability in my mind was a good decision and although I’ve seen some critical and negative remarks I’m really liking it a lot better.

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Do You Blog During the Holiday Season?

One of the points of tension for many bloggers is whether or not they should blog during some of the major calendar events, like holidays and other such days.

In a nutshell I’ll just lay it out there and say that I’m a fan of simply doing what you’ve committed to do in terms of your own goals and sticking with them throughout the holiday season.

In other words, I’m all about low-stress during these particular times and not having the mental battle or anxiety of whether you should or shouldn’t spend time on your digital property.

The point is that you should be committed to your goal way before the actual holiday seasons arrive. Pre-plan your strategy and then feel good about it.

If you’re planning on blogging or spending time online then you’ve already (probably) booked out some alone time to do just that. If you’re not writing during the holiday season then you’re already booked up anyways!

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