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Don’t Forget 2011 as You March Toward 2012!

We only have a week left in 2011, can you believe it?! This year went by so incredibly fast! It seems as if they go by faster every single year – it makes me think that there is truly a cosmic axiom about how as you get older time goes by faster…

As we march toward 2012 we all have a tendency to look forward and I know that even myself personally I forget to appreciate and enjoy what’s happened during the last 12 months. So something that I do every single year is look back and share those thoughts and experiences with those that are the closest to me.

My brother, who is an incredible and talented software development coach, and I always meet up early in the new year and reflect what the last year had brought. We reminisce, we discuss, we laugh, and we occasionally cry about how good God is in our lives and our  growing families. It’s one of the best times of my year – the victories were sweet but the memories are better.

If I take a cursory look back I see some incredible things that have occurred. I’ve listed out a few here, in no particular order:

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Let Other People’s Success Propel and Motivate You Forward

Every single day we’re presented with people who appear to “have it made” so to speak. People who appear to have it all figured out and who are in a period and time and place and career and relationship that from nearly every angle look like nothing less than success.

Then the inevitable question arises within your mind and your heart and sometimes you even audibly say the words:

Why not me?

And your mind begins to wander (or race) about every conceivable reason why things just haven’t worked out for you. Heck, your dreams and ambitions are no less glorious, no less important, and with no less impact than theirs and yet you’re stuck in a dead-end job and in a place that doesn’t really look like it’s going anywhere.

What you are spending your time doing (besides surviving the work week until the weekend) is comparing your so-called “luck” with people who seem to have it when you don’t.

I submit to you that this is foolishness and an incredible amount of wasted time.

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Sometimes Time Helps You Say Yes or No to a New Project

9 months ago!

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I make the decisions about new potential projects and how I know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No.” To be honest my methods aren’t very easy to describe as a lot of is based primarily on intuition but I will say that one of the best ways that I’ve discovered that helps me say “No” is simply the passage of time.

As you can see above I got a serious itch to look for an Administrative Assistant to help me out with all of the various projects that I have to juggle every single day. This wasn’t the first time that I felt that I had this need and it certainly wasn’t the last but what I did with this “project,” the quest to find the best administrative assistant that was ever born, was to wait patiently to see if I could find one organically – or to see if it manifested itself in some other fashion.

I wait, watched, networked, and also challenged myself to change my personal workflow to manage, reduce, and optimize my efforts. It paid off – literally, since this administrative assistant position was definitely a paid role (I would never not pay anyone to work in this type of role with me – it wouldn’t be worth it!).

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What’s On Your Personal Roadmap for 2012?

Somewhat in the same vein as the previous post about getting fired it occurred to me after reading many of the comments that I’m actually quite interested in some of the future plans for many of our community members around these parts.

What are some of the things on your personal roadmap for 2012 (as far as you can tell)? What have you got planned? What are some of the crazy-awesome projects that you’re planning on starting, building, and launching? What are some of the new businesses that you’re going to begin? What things will you stop doing this coming year that you’ve done every single year so far?

One of the most powerful things that I’ve learned about sharing my goals is that I typically am more amped about completing them after I share them. I know that many people suggest that sharing ideas actually stops your progress but I haven’t found that to be true. Obviously I’ve found it to be just the opposite.

Sharing one of your projects or business ideas in a comment is relatively harmless anyways, right? Or is it…

Love to hear what you’ve got planned. Inspire me folks!

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On The ‘To Do’ List: Get Fired From My Job This Year

If you’ve got any entrepreneurial bug in you at all then this coming year might be the year you get fired (again). It’s going to be rough and it’s going to sting, a lot if we’re honest with ourselves, but it might just be the best thing that could happen to you this coming year.

Sure, most of us are not looking to get fired and most people don’t put it on their list of “To Do’s” but some of you are acting in such a way or have the attitude that literally screams “Fire Me Now!” I’m here to tell you that that’s ok, especially if this is the year you realize that you are, truly, a serial entrepreneur; that you realize you’re much more than a 9-5er.

It’s not that you can’t “do” the corporate lifestyle or survive in the corporate setting – it’s that you can’t and most likely won’t ever thrive in that environment. You could do incredible work and make some of the businesses that you work for tons and tons of money and bring them loads of success; but you, as a person and creative professional will never see those things for yourself.

Why? You’ve sacrificed a part of who you are. You’ve compromised some of your own dreams and goals for someone else’s. And you’ve been doing it for a long, long time.

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How to Buy and Sell a Website or Blog, Example Contract Included

I’ve bought (and sold) many websites in my history as an entrepreneur and blogger for many different reasons. For some I was simply interested in the IP (intellectual property) that could be used to bolster some existing sites while others were loss-experiments (experiments where I was certain I’d “lose” financially) while others were intended to be improved and sold (or “flipped”).

The last reason I’ve done this was to actually build a business and sustain it as a significant source of income. Those purchases are much more rare and take a lot of thought and preparation but when done can become very profitable long-term.

The challenge, naturally, is to know what domain and website/blog to purchase and whether or not it’s going to be a good investment based on your needs and your personal goals. There are many people who will tell you that buying websites can be very profitable, and that’s true, but many of them fail to mention how much you can lose if you do it poorly and how it may take a lot of losses (at first) to eventually learn the pattern of success.

The biggest reason why purchasing a blog or a website might be a good alternative to purchasing other IP is because the initial investment is significantly smaller than other purchases that you could make, like a physical brick-and-mortar franchise or real estate or any other small business.

The thing is that most people selling an offline business won’t let it go for cheap while people online are willing to let go of their babies for far less, sometimes 1 to 2 times their annual revenue. This is, by far, a better financial purchase if you’re looking at just that quantitative advantage alone.

Like anything this will take some practice and a bit of touch-and-go learning so my advice is to start small and grow your purchases as you become successful and ultimately more profitable. And never borrow, if you can – always purchase in cash and profit from there on out.

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What’s Your Music and Audio Setup in Your Home Office?

Nice... but a little sterile.

I have yet to install any music “solution” in my blogger’s home office as it’s still being worked on but I know that many of you can’t work without music in the background (like me).

For me it almost doesn’t matter what the song is – and I put it on repeat until I decide to change it. I’m a pop music !@#$@ (bad word there, but you get the picture) and anything in the Top 40 is probably in my playlist. I’ll admit it; I like that stuff.

But it’s not the content necessarily but the emotive qualities and repetition that keeps me productive. If I spend any more time trying to explain this personal phenomenon it’ll just sound weird so I’ll stop now.

In any case, I’m curious if anyone has any good suggestions on a home music setup that works really well? I moved into a new home earlier this year and haven’t done any dramatic changes to my office space (yet). Still planning and organizing but music is on top of the list.

I’d welcome any and all suggestions. Pictures would be sweet!

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]