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Fritz Kunkel and We-Psychology

Fritz Künkel isn’t really a historical figure that you would most naturally gravitate towards to find inspiration from since he is rumored to have supported the Nazi regime (although apparently never openly expressing anti-semitism). It’s worth noting that there’s enough evidence to support that he did not, in fact, support the Nazis at all. Eh. Neither here nor there.

But it’s what he did after that period of life that inspired me the other day as I read more about his work in psychometric study and psychology. He eventually coined the term “We-Psychology” and expressed a unique objective: To understand the development and operation ofof egocentricity as it relates to God.

He synthesized an explicitly religious psychology based on Freud, Adler, and Jung – his starting point? The question of why it is so difficult to move beyond the self. Unlike Jung Kunkel believed it was more than just knowledge that brought a man into greater clarity of his relationship with the spiritual world and especially with fellow man.

He went on to describe specifically Christ’s paradoxical teaching that “he who would save his life must lose it” (Luke 9:24) and how it appears to be that in order to save one’s life – that is to really live – they must lose that which appears to be their life and the system of mistake ideas and values.

The solution? The person must involve “finding one’s place within the service of the we,” that is through commitment to and engagement with others. Fascinating, right?

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10 Tips on How to Push Down Negative Search Results


It’s tough to deal with negative criticism, isn’t it? Regardless of how old you are or how “seasoned” you become it just plain hurts to see someone talk bad about you, especially from those that you feel “got it all wrong” – which is most of the time, right?


I’ve been asked this question a few times before and I think it makes sense to include it as one of the last posts in the business blog series as it can relate directly to your efforts and motivation for starting (and seriously working on and building) a successful corporate blog.

Frank asked me most recently because he has two friends who are authors who are struggling with some negative press in search results and I decided that it was a good enough reminder to spend a few moments talking about how to push down those negative search returns that appear on Google and the other search engines without having to pay some “SEO Guru” or some other SEO Agency thousands of dollars that you don’t have!

And unfortunately here’s the hard truth: There is probably some negative criticism about you out there on other blogs, other websites, or even forums that you’re not going to want your potential customers to spend time reading.

Whether the criticisms or negative press is warranted is not the focus in this post but the point is that you’re going to want to push it as far down as you possibly can since there’s really no way for you to get it removed (and it’s really not worth the effort).

Although there is no strategy that will work 100% perfectly I have used some of the following strategies that have worked with great success with previous clients.

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Is the New iPad a Must-Have for Bloggers, Mobile Blogging?

As I had mentioned the other day I had traded my 1st generation iPad in for one of the new one – and it was shipped to my door yesterday because there was no way I was going to stand in line for that!

The last few days have been a fantastic test of it’s viability in a number of different settings, especially in terms of blogging both as a professional use-case as well as a novice and from a hobbyist perspective.

I quickly opened up the case to dive inside, restored from backup from iCloud and then began using some of my typical applications as well as some of the new suggested ones that I’ve been hearing about in the past few days.

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Testing Standard for

I’m now using the new and very slick version of Standard Theme.

Dang, so fast, so slick, so… super-awesome.

Seriously, my team did amazing job on this thing. I will never change my theme ever again.


For those interested in using the .com version on a self-hosted system (like what I’m doing now) you’ll have to wait… but you can purchase v2.0 now and get a free upgrade when we release it publicly.

This would probably be a good idea so you can get used to the system (and amazing community) that we’ve got going on.

5 Keys To Make Your Business Blog Visually Awesome

Give it some awesome.

Guest Post by Dustin Stout.

Often times one of the most overwhelming aspects of building a business blog is design. Web design in general can be an intimidating, confusing, frustrating, and expensive part of building online success, especially when you know how relatively easy the other parts of building a successful corporate blog can be in comparison!

Well, here is some more bad news (if you can take it): You have about 5 seconds at most to make a visual impression on a visitor before they decide if your site is credible and worth their time. The good news is that you can communicate credibility and value by following my 5 simple keys!

One big thing that you should keep in mind when implementing the following keys is simplicity. The most successful business blogs out there incorporate the following keys, and they do it with simplicity (well, most of them anyways).

The five keys I’ll be covering are:

  1. Colors
  2. Content Focus
  3. White Space
  4. Typography
  5. Social Prominence

Lets jump right into it!

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RevResponse: RSS to Email Tool

I’m always open to trying new systems and new tools to see if they have what it takes to bring value to my overall blogging strategy and global workflow – I’ve mentioned this before specifically about how experimentation is one of the key success strategies that I employ!

So when RevResponse dropped me a line about their RSS to Email tool, a potential Feedburner alternative, I had to take a look, especially since I’ve been using Feedburner forever and I’d love to see someone de-throne one of my current tools in my toolkit!

Of course I had to check it out and instantly I was intrigued because I quickly understood why I and perhaps many other bloggers would make a switch over into this too: Monetization.

You see, this tool not only managers RSS feeds, it also helps you make a bit of cash as well, syndicating your content via email while increasing your subscriber list and advertising smartly with integration with free ebooks, white papers, and magazines that are relevant to the content of your newsletter.

Whoa, that’s pretty slick. Check out this short but comprehensive video explaining the service:

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