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Coworking in Atlanta: Hub Atlanta

Michelle, one of the founders of Hub Atlanta

As I continue to search out and experience the best coworking spots in Atlanta I spent some time today in Hub Atlanta – a great spot in The Jane, which is also the same area as another spot, Experience Rethink.

Unfortunately Hub Atlanta is in the middle of a transition to a much larger space, opening sometime in August (if all goes according to plan). So I got a small snapshot of their current temp-space instead.

But what is very apparent is the culture that they’ve got going on and their involvement in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and the general startup community. It seems like a great bunch of people and definitely worth a look if you’re in this area – especially if you’re looking for an incredible spot later this year.

A few shots of their temp space for now – I’ll be back later this year to check out the new digs, for sure!

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Meetup: Must-Haves for a WordPress Theme!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve already got our next local Meetup scheduled and on the map: Blogging & Online Publishing Essentials, Must-Haves for a WordPress Theme!

We’ll be hanging out at the one-and-only The Work Spot in historic Duluth, one of the best coworking spots in Atlanta and we’ll be walking through a number of neat things related to blogging, WordPress Themes, and more!

Official Description:

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Blogging + Wine = Great Time!

[Click for larger version! Images via Kevin Campbell.]

Last night we had an incredible combination of a meetup plus a wine tasting at Total Wine in the Perimeter! I had a blast leading our group through the three main types of transitions from a blog into a business and I appreciate immensely the grace under pressure as I realized that I had forgotten to get access to the wifi!

As a result, we went analogue for the night and I swapped up my presentation a bit on the fly to adjust – I still believe we had a great time and some of the comments and reviews seem to be very positive! Love our small group that we’ve created and the opportunity to network and learn from each other!

And, of course, I learned a lot about wine last night as well! I’m totally green when it comes to wine tasting – I didn’t even know about the “4 S’s” of wine tasting!

  1. Swirl
  2. Smell
  3. Sip
  4. Spit (or Swallow)

Apparently a lot of our group decided to swallow instead of spit!

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Jetpack Adds Support for Custom Contact & Email Forms


Wow, Jetpack, one of the top WordPress plugins that I install on every blog that I manage, keeps getting better and better!


The last update that I posted was about how they added email subscription options for self-hosted bloggers and now they’ve released custom forms!

It’s as simple as clicking the little icon on the top of your editor and then clicking “add this form”! Could it get any more simple?

You can even customize some of the email notifications as well.

Many of you should be looking into this as a serious alternative to the many other options that are available to you as it’s closer integrated with your blog than many others and it’s already baked into an existing plugin that you (should) already have.

In fact, check it out here on my About Page near the bottom!

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Do Work

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it – I literally LOL’d in my car as I stopped in the middle of an intersection to snap this shot (no one was behind me or needing to cross… I think.).

Now, I wouldn’t actually visit their website as it contains malware, so don’t try going there please.

But, here’s the point of this somewhat point-less (not pointless, but a post with less of a point) post: Internally our team latches on to catch phrases. We often create them from scratch, but are unafraid to adopt them from pop culture. We have a new one in high rotation lately and it’s used synonymously with being productive, staying on task, and just going heads-down when it’s time to get stuff done.

We hashtag our internal communication tool with #DOWORK.

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