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Project Exponential: Curated Networking Experiences


Michelle Welsch

I love to connect with people who are doing things “differently” – people who create different perspectives and then go do something about it. And… then I get to share them with others!

One person that I’ve been able connect with recently is Michelle Welsch, who’s got a new project called Project Exponential, and she’s got this neat viewpoint on developing curated communities that I really dig.

Here’s the general description:

Project Exponential examines the ways in which we connect and form relationships, both online and off. It recognizes those who triumph, who add something special to their world, who leave a trace of good in their wake.

My intent is to introduce people in unique environments, provide opportunity for inspiration and growth, and intersect industries with complementary goals. I want connections to be memorable.

I do this through curated networking experiences, working closely with clients to create meaningful events.

As a result of attending, it is my hope you will be inspired to contribute more, give more, question more, try more, fail more, succeed more, and be open to the connections around you.

I was able to connect with her through the internet and then meet up with her at one of Seth Godin’s last live events.

I decided to interview her and share her with my community here, since she’s the type of person that you’d like to rub shoulders with, both in the meat space and virtually.

Take a look at this community interview with Michelle Welsch:

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Goodbye Facebook


I first joined in October of 2003. I started using it in 2004.

I have decided to completely wipe (unfriend) my personal Facebook profile and leave it behind, for good.

Now, this might come as a shock to many of you who might find it odd that I would do such a thing but I can assure you that it wasn’t an easy decision and not one that was done in haste. I had been thinking about this for quite some time and some conversations with my friends yesterday helped move the needle into the “execution” part of my plan.

I hadn’t planned on wiping my Facebook profile yesterday but that’s what organically happened. I even managed to capture a video (which didn’t record my audio, so I added a voice-over after) which is embedded in this post and which shares a few of my thoughts about this endeavor.

I first joined Facebook in October of 2003 – a girlfriend at the time signed me up and told me that I “had” to be on this site because that’s what everyone was doing. She went ahead and created an account (got my email address wrong) and so I wasn’t actually able to use it until nearly a year later when I created a new one with the right email address.

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Collaborative Art

I am crushing on this video right now, especially since it combines a number of things that I really enjoy. I love the art of dancing and I have a small background in that area and interest, especially hip hop.

I believe that more of us need to collaborate more with others, especially if you are an artist. Artistry can be a deeply  independent endeavor but there are times where collaboration helps us break out of our own cycles and silos and allows magic to happen.

I need to do this more often with my work and I’ve been experimenting lightly in this way and that.

Enjoy this clip and begin to plan out more collaborative efforts for the rest of this year – imagine what might happen if you do? New people, new exciting projects, new opportunities, new growth… the list goes on and on.

3 Blog Niches That Need to Be Explored


Daddy bloggers…

Occasionally I’ll encounter niches and markets that are completely underserved in my opinion and that I wish I had more time to engage.

I feel that these niches or angles or perspectives are not only incredibly rich and ripe for blogging about but even have the potential for becoming a successfully financial blog as well as even business (if you took it that far).

Alas, I simply don’t have the time to do it myself, but why should I keep these ideas to myself? Perhaps a few of you here might share in some of those passions and might be able to do something with them.

Have at it and may the most motivated blogger win. I’d love to hear if you take one of these angles and do something with it as well.

So, here’s a list of niches that need to be explored:

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Blogging to Motivate, Excite, Encourage, and Challenge

This is a Guest Story by Beau Crosetto, a spiritual entrepreneur who loves starting new things for God so all people can engage the conversation. His blog is committed to exploring how these conversations can happen online and offline.

Just a few months ago in a fraternity house at San Diego State University, I had a guy who was not a Christian thank me profusely for starting a bible study in his house so he could talk about the things of God. He said:

I have never felt this comfortable with my self ever before, and I cannot thank you enough. I am surprised that at a Bible Study in the fraternity is where I felt most at home.

Greek InterVarsity Bible Study in a fraternity at San Diego State University

I believe that Christians need to be having more encounters like this in the world and the church needs to start defining itself more through these kind of experiences. This should be normal for us than it is.

If you’re anything like me, you get teary eyed at a quote like that because a guy who longs to know God but just didn’t know how to connect is finally rubbing shoulders with Him. But the problem is, so many Christians and so many churches are setting up shop and waiting for people to come to them! And they just aren’t coming.

This is why I am starting the blog, “Release the APE”. I am committed to seeing these kinds of conversations happen in fraternity houses, pubs, business, and cafes. I am doing my best to motivate leaders to start doing church “out there” in the real world.

I want to encourage others to stop “doing church” only inside the snug but intimidating walls of the church building. If church is going to start and keep happening like this, APE’s have to be released into the world.

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2 of Standard 3’s Simple SEO Features

There are a number of features that Standard 3 has built-in natively, a few that you can see explicitly and a whole lot that is working behind the scenes (in other words, it’s doing the work for you).

There are two features that I’d like to specifically call out are the Meta Description box that lives in the post layer, right below the content area.

You can see my video overview above, but what it essentially does is allow you to add 140 custom characters as a meta description for your blog post. I can’t tell you how important this feature is because it allows you to strategically give more direction and guidance to the user as they search for your content.

I call this the “punchline” of a blog post and since most blogs don’t start with that punchline in mind (or near the top of the post) the meta description as a result typically isn’t good.

With Standard 3 you can customize that description as you wish, giving it maximum impact.

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Did You Get Your Google Plus Vanity URL?


Google Plus Vanity URL Invite Email

I was invited a few days ago to secure my Vanity URL (or Custom URL) for Google Plus, which now looks a whole lot better than what it was previously.

So, instead of it’s now – much easier to remember and read.

For those that are curious I cannot remember signing up for this or even asking to be considered for it so I’m not sure how I got the invite. But, you can go directly here to claim yours.

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Lance Armstrong and Legacy Unwoven


The recent news of Lance Armstrong is heart-breaking, from a number of different angles and perspectives. I can’t even begin to imagine the anger, the resentment, and the bitterness that’s been generated on both sides of the fence, against Lance himself, his former teammates, the USADA, and everyone else who is a part of this tragic story.

I don’t pretend to know much about the situation but from what I’ve read it seems that most signs point to him being guilty of cheating and ruining his incredible career, being banned forever from the sport and potentially being relieved of his 7 incredible titles. Those titles must have been a heavy burden on his conscience.

But the outcause, the result of such tremendous upheaval from scandal, has created an ever-lasting black mark on a very storied and celebrated career. It’s one that will be just as much a part of his story as the wins were.

The cost? His legacy. This isn’t just a personal legacy that’s isolated to an individual man; it’s a comprehensive one, all-inclusive of those that supported him, became his fans and wanted to believe in the very best. It includes both the close inner circle and those that he would never meet.

His responsibility was to protect his collective legacy and take incredible care of it, as best as he possibly could. It’s unfortunate it ended this way and the damage has already been done – it’ll most likely continue as well.

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