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Google Salon

The moment I saw the iconic red, white, and blue I knew what I was about to see: A salon built right into Google’s offices. Apparently they have a stylist who is on-call for their employees who can sign up, during work hours, to get a trim.

A pretty neat perk and definitely something very unique. I mean, when was the last time you worked at a place that had a stylist ready to cut you some hair?

It was the full deal too – wash area included. This was just one of the many neat perks and benefits of working at Google in the Atlanta office. My friend, who manages some large Fortune 50 clients for Google in their sales department, was showing me around and talking about some of the neat products/services that they were currently building.

I’m not sure if I heard half of them since there was something new and neat to see around every corner. I particularly like the exercise workstation where you can walk on a treadmill while you do email. I’ve never used one of those but apparently it doesn’t take too long to become acclimated to walking while you work (and without stumbling).

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Adapt or Die

As a long-time blogger I have seen the coming and going of many, many blogs. In fact, I’ve plumbed the depth of my own memory and I’m not sure that there is anyone that is still around that started blogging when I first started.

Now, I started before most people even heard the term “blog” so that definitely is related but even so I’ve met many quitters in my time – and these have been smart and very motivated people!

But time and time again I believe what Darwin here says to be true: The bloggers that “win” (or simply survive) are the ones that are ok with adapting to the changes that are occurring all around them.

For us it’s the changing methods of publishing and the software that powers it. This could be as simply as choosing WordPress over Blogger (or whatever else you’ve used) or it could be a newer technology or application that augments your publishing needs.

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Managing the VIPs in Your Life with Technology

One of the other neat features that the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 have brought to the table is the VIP Mailbox for better email management.

This might be one of my more favorite additions and it’s already been added to my system and workflow. What it does it simply allows you to create notifications for certain people who you consider to hold VIP status in your life.

That was easy – I instantly put my family members and my wife in particular to the list so that I’d be notified when they email me. This works really well with my workflow because everyone knows that email is my primary means of communication, way ahead of phone calls and SMS.

And, they don’t abuse email like many people – so when they email me 9 out of 10 times it’s particularly important.

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The Ostrich Pillow for Napping and Productivity


I’m so pumped to be backing the Kickstarter campaign for the Ostrich Pillow – a pillow that looks like it was built just for me.

My wife and I have had an incredible laugh looking at it and she’s 100% against it, simply because it doesn’t look like a comfortable position to be taking a nap – her neck and back, she says, would be stiff yada yada yada.

I, on the other hand, have napped in that position here as the primary position in High School, College, and even some old corporate spaces. Although I’d much rather lie down, I have found memories of matted hair, squished cheeks, and bent ears as I woke up suddenly from a nap off of my desk.

Check out this video for more details:

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Going Deeper with Google Plus?


Wow. It’s been nearly one entire month since I left my personal Facebook account behind. Let me be the first to tell you that the choice has been a significant one and weekly (if not daily at this point) I find positive affirmation that it was the right choice.

I have more mental bandwidth than I did previously, less pressure and anxiety to feel like I’m missing out on something, and more aware of how precious the smaller (and perhaps better) things in life really are.

Facebook does something to you, you know? It just changes everything, the way you talk, act, respond, engage with others – and when it’s gone you suddenly realize what you lost and what you have the opportunity to gain, anew.

But I do miss a bit of the interaction between my readers and the collective network and community of insanely passionate bloggers and I’ve been interested in getting that back a bit more. That’s why I’m considering going a little “deeper” with Google Plus.

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Do Not Disturb

I found this little setting in the new iOS 6 update and I’m using it right now (so you can thank iOS 6 for this blog post).

What this essentially does is allows you to completely silence your phone, either on command or for a set period of time that you designate. As you may have already seen, the morning time is especially critical.

For publishers and writers this “do not disturb” period is critical to our success as we need that concentrated block of time to get our best work done, consistently, every single day.

The best thing about this feature is that it silences all the alerts that constantly pop up on my device that might distract my attention from my writing tools and favorite digital canvas.

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Giveaway: Free Hosting for a Year via Zyma Hosting!


Earlier this year Zyma contacted me about giving some free hosting accounts and I thought that would be an incredibly neat idea – so we’ve decided to do it again!

The nuts and bolts of it are simple:

  1. You pitch us the concept of your need (a new site, blog, or business) in the comments.
  2. Share via Twitter for another entry.
  3. We choose 5 winners for free hosting for a year.

It is vital that you read my previous blog post about the opportunity since it highlights a few more thoughts and must-read considerations.

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My (New and Improved) Killer Home Backup and Storage Solution


As I shared the other day I was getting in another order from Apple which has been a long-time coming and that’s my home server and backup solution.

I’ve been struggling with keeping up with so many different backup solutions that it’s been one of the most aggravating part of my home technology ecosystem but no solution (or combination of solutions) seemed to be presenting themselves very well.

Surprise surprise that I had all that I needed in front of me to give one implementation a serious look (and hopefully a successful shot).

To start, I have to paint the picture of what I currently had implemented which will then showcase the much more simple solution that I’m working on right now.

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Today is iPhone 5 Day

This is all I can think about today. Yes, I’m not entirely obsessed but I am very excited. There is a difference!

In fact, today is more than just iPhone 5 day… it’s Apple Day at my house as I’m expecting three shipments of products from that company and I plan to be here for each one:

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