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Great Blogging Content eBook


This is the fifth eBook that I’ve compiled together like my previous eBooks that focuses on great blogging content.

It’s perfect for those that want a companion guide on their desk instead and like taking notes as they walk through the lessons.

We all know that great content is the reason why people get attracted to your blog and why they keep coming back, every single day. It pays (literally) to better oneself in terms of writing great content with a bit of strategy in the mix.

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10 Free Ideas For Your Next Killer Business Venture

I have so many ideas for new products, businesses, and ventures that it would take 10 lifetimes to actually work on them. The sad part is that they collect an incredible amount of dust in my notebooks and I don’t think that’s fair to a world that may need these solutions that others may find the time to develop and create.

I’m not fooling myself (or you perhaps) in believing that these ideas are “game changers” but they might spark some ingenuity within you or create that missing spark for your next venture or business idea – and please don’t bother giving me credit either, they are yours the moment you execute (which is everything, by the way).

So here’s a list of recent ideas that I’ve had that might inspire you to do something amazing (and I apologize in advance for not “fleshing” some of these out as a few may require more explanation – sorry, it’s up to you to figure those out!):

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How I Plan My Goals


Starts here.

I was asked recently (thanks Erick!) how I manage, plan, and set my goals for the upcoming year and whether I have any systems or applications in place that assist in those elements.

The honest answer is that I don’t have any formal and/or consistent pattern of goal setting that I could tell you is the definitive “John Saddington Model for Goals” as it simply changes every single year and I try different methods constantly.

But the power of goal setting isn’t up for debate – I know of no one who’s been successful (however you may define it) who hasn’t had personal and professional goals and then walked towards them. It almost doesn’t matter how you manage them as long as it works for you.

Now, how does one discover what works for them and what does not? The process of discovery is quite simple:

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Broken Vase

Some things must break so that space is created for the new, even if by accident.

What must be broken (whether you like it or not) in your own life?

The Most Boring, But Necessary, Weekly Blog Check



Every week I spend time in Google Webmasters working through URL Errors, Crawl issues, and the like. It’s the most boring part of my job and a grind on my brain, especially when trying to fix them.

But, it’s an incredibly important part of my weekly process – something very few bloggers do. Ask yourself this:

When was the last time you spent any purposeful time in Google Webmasters?

Yeh, that’s what I thought.

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The Cost of Prototyping


This blog has experienced a significant amount of downtime in the past few months but what you haven’t heard from my side of things is a lot of complaining – that’s because I’m partly to blame for it.

The honest truth is that my team at 8BIT has been doing some pretty wild prototyping of a new server solution because we’ve been fed up with sub-par performance and the fact that no solution has really fit our needs perfectly. We knew for a long time that we’d most likely have to build our own but we hadn’t planned on doing it so soon.

And it hasn’t been easy. We’re now on the 3rd (or 4th, depending on how we end up categorizing some previous experiments) prototype and it’s still not perfect. But that’s the cost of prototyping – that things fail and that it doesn’t prove to be easy.

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5 Words Per Minute


That’s the goal that we have set for our 6 year old daughter this winter break as she is learning to touch type QWERTY.

It’s interesting because I attribute much of my interest in writing from the fact that I learned to touch type at such an early age – when I was 7 I spent my time learning how to type on my mother’s IBM selectric typewriter instead of playing outside that summer. I not only learned the full QWERTY but also wrote short stories on it – I must have used a truck load of cartridges and ink.

Luckily we don’t have to worry about that with Roenne as she’s learning on her own dated Macbook Pro.

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I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and friends like many of us are this holiday season. It’s been great to catch up, reconnect, and in some cases start new relationships (or they feel like new) with loved ones.

It’s also the opportunity to be reminded of how fragile the ties can be between people and how quickly we can forget about those that are no longer in plain view. How powerfully-unfortunate the truth of the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

I spent the evening with an uncle who has spent his time in a place filled with regret – the last time I saw him was before my wedding day where we shared a meal at his house. That was more than 7 years ago. Since then my life has changed dramatically – too much to really fully appreciate or account for in full.

His, though, did not change that much – in fact, his life might as well stood still as he spent the last 7 years in jail. I looked at him today though and although he was cleaned up and was in good spirits all I could think was that he looked weathered. Like a jacket that had been worn too many times and that no longer provided the warmth that it once did.

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Team Science Video Overview

Peter and I had the pleasure of working with Dare Dreamer Media on an overview video for one of the startups that I’m involved in, called Team Science, which is a part of Action & Influence. I don’t often get to talk about what we do here as it doesn’t always fit but this small startup which came together earlier this year has had some amazing growth.

In fact, it’s probably the strongest start of any startup I’ve had to date with a number of big name customers and clients, such as Adobe, Cisco, the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Reserve, Capital One, Bank of America, JCrew, TMobile, and more. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been blessed with such a strong response from these large companies (and many much smaller ones) that are interested in optimizing their team’s performance and human capital.
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