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Out of Control

The older I get more I realize that life is made up of more things that you can’t control and fewer things that you can. In fact, the number of things that are under our control and that we can control are few and far between.

And besides, how successful have you been in your attempts to control everything? Probably like me – pretty poor and the result has never been what you wanted or expected.

We are out of control – not in the sense like that of a child with a tantrum but simply the fact that we are not in it.

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The Journey

I was reminded by a trusted gentleman twice my age that after reflecting on his life (a very successful and prosperous one I might add) that it has been more about the journey than any major milestone or achievement or success.

I have been told this many times and yet I can’t quite agree with it yet – I hope at some point I will be able to say it with as much confidence as this gentleman shared it with me. Hopefully soon.

In our youth we find ourselves desperately grasping for that next rung on the ladder, whatever it might be. But for what? And for whom? And why?

What lie have we been fed that globally consumes all of us and for some never lets us go? I want to appreciate the moment, now, and see it for what it might truly be – to see it as a journey and love it, whatever may come.

The Power of Inertia

We all experience the incredible power of inertia every single day. Inertia doesn’t mean that you’re not moving as you may be moving constantly as part of your life, your vocation, and your job.

But as you well know, nothing is actually changing and you feel it every single day. The outcause is you is a strong bitter taste in your mouth about what you’re doing, who you’re doing it (whatever “it” is), and where you feel you are headed.

Don’t be fooled though as even the best and most successful people feel it as well – no one can escape it and we are all subject to it’s presence. The problem isn’t with inertia itself but rather how we interpret it, how we perceive it, and our timely reaction to it.

There’s no magic global panacea but I do know what works for me because I encounter it every single day, even though I can say with confidence that I love what I do and I love who I get to work with.

I simply ask myself this very concise question:

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Cliff Jumping

We’ve all done it once, right? Jump off a cliff into some icy blue water below? Either we did it at some summer camp or at a water park or because you lived near the Grand Canyon (or somewhere country).

The most memorable cliff jumping that I’ve ever experienced was when I spent some time in Sarajevo, Bosnia more than 9 years ago – I can’t remember exactly where we were but my friends and I found ourselves jumping off cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea. You want to talk about picturesque? It was gorgeous.

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A Picture is Worth…

… the future growth and success of your business. Literally.

Especially in some industries it can mean survival where your very first impression is that one picture that someone sees when they visit your website. I’m quite serious.

I was unkindly reminded of this as I was “window shopping” for some specialist doctors and spent time on Google trying to mine and uncover as much information about these “service providers” as humanly possible.

Let me be honest – I was incredibly biased towards rejecting doctors that had either no online presence of their own (outside of medical journals and random aggregators sites) or who had a website but no image of themselves (no “selfie”) or worse, a bad one.

I should have recorded my facial expressions and my guttural response as I browsed these sites – it was more like:

Ah, gawd… nowhywat-thehex-is-who-ohnoe-whysheesh.

*Click* *Close*

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We all have different tolerance levels of risk – some can’t bear to consider any of that “nonsense” while others apparently find her a close friend. I’m not sure where I stand but I have been generally classified as one who enjoys taking her out on dates.

I suppose that the scale of risk I take is, and will always be, normative to myself, just as it appears to you and yourself. I do not see risk as others see it as I do not you, which makes sense since qualifying someone else’s risk tolerance is far easier to do than self-diagnose.

You do what you do for whatever reasons you do it and I the same.

But there have been a few times where I can see my choices with slightly more clarity than usual. It has been rare but when it occurs it’s absolutely frightening. It’s as if you can see yourself from the outside looking in, watching yourself jump into the mist and even as you watch you wonder how and why you even came to those conclusions in the first place.

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