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One reason I enjoy teaching so much is because it’s powerfully cathartic – although I don’t express those feelings or emotions outwardly in any obvious manner it stirs quietly underneath because I know that I’m helping others accelerate their goals by giving them a heads-up on what’s to come.

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I’ve been working hard late at night for the past three weeks. It’s been both an extreme pleasure and extreme pain. Writing about the experience is helpful because it’s an opportunity to be completely honest about the process and my thoughts around the application.

Some of the last few nights have been all-nighters – the previous weekend was one of those where I simply binged.

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Instagram, Part 2

In October of last year I said goodbye to Instagram – it was a sweet departure and it has been a great one as I don’t regret it at all.

Yet even my next choice, Path, wasn’t a perfect alternative and only kept me interested for a few months. Ugh. You see, I still wanted the functional aspects of a good image capture system with nice filters without the overhead of privacy and without sacrificing creative freedom.

In other words, I still wanted to post filtered images but to do so simply wasn’t very simple. As you can see, I enjoy posting filtered images on Twitter every so often:

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G or g


Something that I’m unsure about is whether or not I want to capitalize the “g” in Pressgram or not.

For many this might sound like a pretty small deal but it is, in fact, the exact opposite.

You see, in the spirit of WordPress, there is a culture of capitalizing the second word just like the conjunction of “Word” and “Press” – so you’ll see new apps or businesses adopt that nomenclature for their business.

And since it’s really the combination of two things, iOS and WordPress (and then adopting the “gram” from Instagram) you can easily see why my gut capitalized the “g” first: PressGram.

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Protecting My Mornings

I am incredibly protective of my mornings – this is an uncompromising part of my day where I find I am the most productive. I once plotted this out as you can see here. This has slightly changed now that I’m spending more of my time in my work office instead of my home office, but it is essentially the same.

In a not-so-strange way I demand absolute authority in this space and time to do as I please – whether that’s writing content, listening to a podcast or viewing a must see video, or relaxing. I may even schedule an early morning meeting too. Heck, I might do all of these things at the exact same time.

Whatever it is this is also the worst time to interrupt me – I’m the most volatile and most sensitive at this point in the day as I hold this morning period sacred. A few people have experienced my wrath and it’s not a pretty picture. I can’t say that this is “right” but it is what it is.

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One of the critical decisions that I made early on is focusing on iPhone device exclusively for the first version of the product. At this point, who’s to tell if there will ever be a version beyond that.

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Making Social, Data


I’m trying to find ways and methods of making things more “social” via services like Socialize above or publicly-available SDKs and/or APIs.

The point is to learn how others create simple social networks without all the fluff. Socialize seems like a lot of fluff, by the way and I don’t plan on using it seems.

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