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Your Narrative

Do you have a personal narrative? A career and professional narrative?

It’s interesting that it’s again been a topic of conversation in the professional coaching arena as important for both seasoned professionals and ones that are just getting started.

This is not surprising. In recent years, much has been written about the importance of career narratives for mid-career and senior professionals, particularly those making a career transition.

But, we’d argue, they’re even more important for younger professionals who don’t yet have a multipage CV or a high-powered headhunter in their corner.

Harvard Business suggests that there are three ways in which you can increase the potency of your narrative:

  1. Easy to remember and retell.
  2. Link past successes with short and long-term developmental needs. I would add goals as well.
  3. A fluid combination of humility, honesty, and personal flavor.

I would add one more thing here too: That you believe it to be true.

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Insta Inspiration, Insta Revolution


It’s no secret that I’ve been inspired by Instagram and their UI and UX. In fact, since I’m building this primarily for myself, there is really no need to change the overall user experience as I was quite happy with it.

I don’t believe that it’s perfect but it’s acceptable in it’s current form. Since the “innovation” comes from the actual implementation and communication to WordPress there is no need to necessarily innovate on the outside layer at this point in time, especially with my interest in creating a workable MVP.

I have no interest in burning any more time into elaborate or “creative” UI when the existing one does just fine. Sure, I’ll give it a bit of texture and color difference as well as general aesthetics but I don’t think anyone will be surprised by anything.

Actually, that’s 100% the point. You shouldn’t feel like you’re using a different app. I don’t want to feel that way at least.

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10 Characteristics of a Growing Entrepreneur

They say that entrepreneurs are a rare breed, that if everyone could be one then everyone would be one.

I understand why people would believe this to be true but I believe that entrepreneurship can actually be taught instead of just inherited like a magic gene or something else as equally cosmic.

In fact, besides mentoring and coaching existing entrepreneurs and walking with them through their current projects and ventures I’ve been spending time helping others fully embrace their inner-entrepreneur and teaching them the mechanics of building their own futures and products.

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As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve actually found a little bit of inspiration via Skype.

Now, to be clear, Skype is one of the worst applications ever created by any company and when they were acquired in late 2011 by Microsoft for $8.5B made it clear that they were idiots and the application would never get better.

I mean, just listen to Tony Bates wax on philosophical-like:

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Critical Hit

For those that are familiar with “critical hits” or “critical strikes” in video and table top games, this is pretty funny.

The idea of a critical strike when it comes to important events in those environments is what keeps us on our toes, keeps us motivated, and gets the blood pumping. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a miraculous thing to observe and experience.

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Starting Mocks


I’m starting to put together the mocks. In fact, I’ve been working on most of them for the past few weeks – most of these blog posts are not exactly real-time but I’m quickly catching my blog posts up with what I’m doing during that day.

So, in the near future my posts will be reflecting what I’m actually working on in near-real-time.

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