Monthly Archives: March 2013

Frustration to Joy

When you actually take a look at the experiences of Instagram and Twitter in terms of posting a simple image you find yourself clicking a lot of times.

The plus side of posting via Twitter is that you get it done quickly. The downside is that you have to walk through a number of different native apps. And, of course, you don’t get filters.

Using Instagram is ok as well but then having to jump into some posting application to WordPress is an insane hassle.

So when I started researching and developing my solution I wanted to make sure to not only limit the amount of clicks but also reduce frustration to the bare minimum.

Or, if I could, make it enjoyable. I think I can actually do that.

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Open Source

I have been asked more than few times whether or not Pressgram will be open source, under something like the GPL or MIT or another structure.

The very, very quick answer is no, not at this time. Why?

Because I said so.

And philosophically this is all the justification that I need to provide. But, for those who want a little more meat with their gristle it’s about this one thing:

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