Monthly Archives: March 2013

It’s Personal

Hey, don’t take it personally.

Screw that, my friend. It’s always personal. Everything I do I take personally. I can’t help it. And it’s not even about “taking” at all. It’s about it being personal. All the time. In everything I do.

All of us work very hard and spend countless hours building not only great products and companies but also our very own lives. We are artisans and craftsmen of our very own literal lives, inch by inch, pixel by pixel, line by line, note by note, word by word.

We are defined very much by the things that we do, just as much as who we believe ourselves to be, the culture that we find ourselves in, and even what we believe. To deny that is tantamount inhuman, or at the very least complete and utter ignorance.

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A Small Business Boon

I think there’s a huge opportunity for Pressgram to really impact the small business market and I can’t wait to introduce it to the hundreds of small businesses I’ve worked with over the past few years.

I have told everyone that I know that blogging is vitally important in today’s digital economy. It’s the way you not only build an architect your story but it’s also how you control and manage your brand as well as build clients and persuade customers.

In a sense, it’s how you do business in today’s digital world. So, I tell every SMB owner that they have to blog and I help provide a method and strategy for them to execute against. Unfortunately, very few actually do.

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The Starbucks Entrepreneur


Working at Starbucks.

As I sat here looking at my neat little dashboard of metrics surrounding my Kickstarter Project, Pressgram, I was struck with how fortunate I am.

You know, there are moments where you have that brief moment of clarity that life is pretty sweet, despite all the hardships, disappointments, and strange oddities that we seem to have to manage every single day.

Especially if you’re building an online product or managing a growing blog you are one of the growing legion of Starbucks-based entrepreneurs (or other certifiable yummy coffee shops and cafes).

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Guestimating Costs


Cost management is incredibly important in a startup – reviewing the incoming costs for a project is not just good thinking but fundamental in the success of a growing business.

In the beginning you simply don’t have much information about what the costs may be but there’s enough data out there that can give you a really good feel for it. It’s not so much about being 100% accurate; rather, you have to find a workable and scalable model that can be adjusted easily.

For example, I’m considering AWS for managing the data for our users in the network layer of the application. AWS has pricing scales that are obvious and fairly intuitive (although that won’t help your guestimate when it comes to usage and cost):

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